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  • 1 Day before the event
    April 13, 2016
  • Day 1
    April 14, 2016
  • Day 2
    April 15, 2016
    • 5 PM

      7 PM

      Meet the Embassy Reception

      Location: United States Embassy in Beijing
    • 8:30 AM


      Location: Capital Ballroom

      9:30 AM

      Conference Opening

      James Zimmerman

      Jackson Cox

      9:45 AM

      Remarks from the United States Ambassador to China, The Honorable Max S. Baucus

      Max Sieben Baucus

      This session is OFF THE RECORD.

      9:50 AM

      Keynote Remarks

      10 AM

      Ambassador Panel on US Relations Throughout the Region

      Max Sieben Baucus

      Evan Feigenbaum

      Jennifer Zimdahl Galt

      Kirk Wagar

      Panelists will shed light on the environment and opportunities for US Businesses operating throughout the Asia Pacific. This panel is OFF THE RECORD and will be moderated by Evan Feigenbaum.

      11 AM

      Coffee Break

      11:30 AM

      Asia as a Financial Hub

      Ernest Bower

      Wei Christianson

      Shengjun Liu

      Stephen Phillips

      Lisa Robins

      This panel will address the question of RMB internationalization, how established financial centers are positioning themselves to benefit from this, and what this means for the strength and influence of China’s economy worldwide. Stephen Phillips will moderate this panel.

      12:30 PM

      Luncheon with Gary Gensler on China and the Global Economy: Slowing Growth, Increased Volatility and Implications for American Business

      Gary Gensler

      James Zimmerman

      James Zimmerman will moderate this session.

      2 PM

      DTZ/Cushman & Wakefield Panel on the State of the Asian Economy

      Pramit Pal Chaudhuri

      Christopher LaFleur

      Hamid Sharif

      Catherine Simmons

      Sean Wang

      Panelists will give an overview of the key trends and opportunities affecting their respective markets and how American businesses and multinationals can understand and plan for these trends. Sean Wang will moderate this panel.

      3 PM

      United Airlines Panel on China’s Regional Engagement

      Paul Haenle

      Colm Rafferty

      Patrick Santillo

      Jason Subler

      Huiyao Wang

      China’s Silk Road initiative and the implications of a new Asia Infrastructure and Investment Bank will be discussed with specific attention given to the practicalities and partnership opportunities that exists for foreign business, governments, and organizations. Patrick Santillo will moderate this panel.

      4 PM

      Coffee Break

      4:30 PM

      Regional Trading Environment

      Ernest Bower

      Diane Farrell

      Philippa Jones

      Tami Overby

      Timothy Stratford

      Panelists will discuss the ongoing regional trade negotiations including the TPP and BIT and the implications of these pacts for business and trade in the Asia Pacific, particularly for US businesses, US-China relations, and the role of the US in the Asia Pacific. Philippa Jones will moderate this panel.

      5:30 PM

      Cocktail Reception

      6:30 PM

      8:30 PM

      AmCham China 25th Anniversary Gala Dinner

      Max Sieben Baucus

      Ziad Haider

      James Zimmerman

      Xiangchen Zhang

    • 8 AM


      8:30 AM

      Launch of the 18th American Business in China White Paper

      Lester Ross

      Piper Stover

      Timothy Stratford

      William Zarit

      Encouragement of China’s constructive international engagement and promotion of fairness and transparency, a dynamic and open investment environment, and fair and market-based innovation in China are some of the key policy priorities of AmCham China’s 2016 White Paper that will be explored in this official launch. William Zarit will moderate this panel.

      9:30 AM

      China’s Industrial and Policy Outlook in 13th Five Year Plan

      Scott Kennedy

      James McGregor

      Alfred Schipke

      Jeremie Waterman

      Lan Xue

      Panelists will discuss China’s 13th Five Year Plan and its potential to pave the way for more sustainable and inclusive growth, continue China on its path to economic development, and protect and further the interests of multinationals operating here. Jeremie Waterman will moderate this panel.

      10:30 AM

      Coffee Break

      11 AM

      Economic Slowdown, Relocation of Businesses

      David Hoffman

      Robert Koepp

      Jing Ulrich

      Liwei Wang

      Yang Yao

      China’s economic health has fixated analysts for decades, and in recent months the scrutiny has only intensified. The important questions of whether China’s economy is really slowing down, how normal this is, how long will it last, and how severe the implications of this are on a national and international level will be raised and explored. Liwei Wang will moderate this panel.

      12 PM

      Fuzhou Municipal Government Lunch: Looking at Alternative Markets: Investing in Second and Third Tier Cities

      Alan Beebe

      Zhenjie Hu

      Alan Beebe will moderate this session.

      1:30 PM

      Trust in Northeast Asia

      Bob Grove

      Gloria Xu

      Edelman will present on their 2016 Trust Barometer, an important piece of thought leadership exploring levels of trust in governments, the media, non-profits, and corporations worldwide. The discussion will focus on Northeast Asia and frame the afternoon sessions exploring corporate and government affairs in China. Gloria Xu will moderate this session.

      2 PM

      Qatar Airways Panel on Reputation Management and Corporate Governance

      Debby Cheung

      Kit Kwok

      Susan Munro

      Randal Phillips

      Haiying Yuan

      China’s complex policy and regulatory environment can be difficult to navigate. Our expert panelists will share insights and best practices for the corporate and government affairs professionals in the audience and real takeaways that they can apply in their everyday work. Kit Kwok will moderate this panel.

      3 PM

      Coffee Break

      3:30 PM

      Strategic CSR and Giving with Impact

      Hongbo Ji

      Scott Kennedy

      Anke Schrader

      Cathy Tai

      Wenchi Yu

      Corporate philanthropy and CSR are going through a transformation as the importance of community engagement becomes more evident both to consumers, and to successful market entry strategies of multinationals. There is a growing link between the importance of sustainable and community-oriented business practices and a healthy bottom-line. Scott Kennedy will moderate this panel.

      4:30 PM

      Launch of AmCham China's Certificate in Government Affairs

      Lin Gao

      To close out the corporate and government affairs-oriented programming, AmCham China is delighted to announce the launch of its training program in how to practice effective government relations in China.

      4:45 PM

      Closing Remarks

      Jackson Cox

      Alan Beebe

      5 PM

      7 PM

      Closing Cocktail Reception & Forum Committee Mixer

      Location: R Lounge

      Forum and Committee coordinators, as well as many for our co-chairs and chairs from our forty-plus working-groups will be in attendance to help you learn more about the heart of AmCham China and how you can be more involved.
    • 8:30 AM

      AmCham Executive Director Survey of the APCAC Business Climate

      Alan Beebe

      Jackson Cox

      Siobhan Das

      Judith Fergin

      Ebb Hinchliffe

      Kenneth Jarrett

      Niels Marquardt

      Radika Obeyesekere

      John Schuldt

      Harley Seyedin

      Tricia Turbold

      Richard Vuylsteke

      Andrea Wu

      Laura Younger

      Ronald Marvin

      Location: RF Ballroom II

      Executive Directors of AmChams in the Asia Pacific will discuss the nuances and realities of the environment for US business in their respective countries and how member companies can leverage and benefit from APCAC’s support as part of their Asia Pacific Strategies. Jackson Cox will moderate this panel.

      9:30 AM

      The Rise of the Asian Consumer

      Gary Hsi Chu

      Ruby Fu

      Josh Gartner

      Marc McAllister

      Steven Okun

      Location: RF Ballroom II

      The rise of the Asian Consumer has been a defining trend affecting the strategies and operations of multinationals in Asia, and understating what Asian consumers want and how to give it to them is key to their success in the region. Expert panelists will share best practices and insights from their respective industries. Steven Okun will moderate this panel.

      10:30 AM


      1:30 PM

      3 PM

      Utilizing Chamber Sponsored Cooperative Programs: AmCham’s Industry Sector Public-Private Partnerships

      Harry Haury

      Geoffrey Jackson

      Steve Winkates

      Jennifer Lee

      Roberta Lipson

      Xiaoyu Liu

      Paige Rivas

      Kevin Wu

      Jun Zhou

      Location: RF Ballroom II

      AmCham China’s cooperative programs are signature public-private partnerships between leading US companies and the Chinese government oriented around capacity building and knowledge sharing. Information on the benefits of such partnership for business and development alike, and how AmChams regionally might be able to adopt similar models will be shared. Geoffrey Jackson will moderate this panel.