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Keynote: Opportunities and Challenges of AI Application in HR Management | 主旨演讲:AI的应用对于人力资源行业带来的机遇与挑战

In this talk, we will explore the potential of AI in the HR industry, the ways in which it will impact HR work and the trends in HR development and transformation. The integration of AI technology will help HR professionals manage human resources more efficiently, bring greater value and competitiveness to their organizations, and pave the way for future collaboration between HR and AI.

Keynote: Adapting to the Future of Work: Reskilling, Upskilling, and Flexible Development Opportunities for Employees | 主旨演讲:人才培养与管理:未来我们需要什么样的人才?

With ChatGPT and in the new era of AI, workplace competitiveness has evolved beyond just between humans, but increasingly between humans and machines. In this keynote speech, we will discuss how to adapt to the future of work and collaborate with AI in both the workplace and society. The demand for talent with high cognitive abilities, such as critical thinking and decision-making skills, as well as social and emotional communication skills such as interpersonal communication and leadership, and technical skills such as advanced data analysis, will continue to increase in the future. We will explore reskilling, upskilling, and flexible development opportunities for employees to prepare for the changing nature of work and succeed in the digital age.

Executive Dialogue: The Impact of AI and Technology Innovation on the Future of Business | 高管对话:AI 和技术创新对于企业未来发展的影响

This executive dialogue will explore the impact of AI and technology innovation on the future of business. We will discuss how new technologies are changing the way businesses operate, from production and sales to customer service and management. We will also explore how to leverage AI and technology innovation to drive business growth and innovation, as well as how to address new challenges that arise in business operations.

Tea Break & Networking 茶歇休息
Panel Discussion: The Role of HR in Driving Organizational Transformation and Innovation | 专题讨论:HR 如何支持到企业业务变革与创新

This panel discussion will explore the role of HR in driving organizational transformation and innovation. We will discuss how HR can collaborate with other departments to support the organization's business goals and strategy. We will also examine how to attract and retain high-quality talent and establish a culture of innovation and sustainable development within the organization.

Lunch Buffet 午餐休息
Keynote: The Compliance Strategy of MNCs under Data Compliance Requirements | 主旨演讲:数据合规要求背景下,跨国企业合规运营策略
CHRO Roundtable: How to Enhance HR Efficiency Management in the Post-Pandemic Era | CHRO 圆桌讨论:疫情后时代如何提升企业人效管理

This CHRO roundtable will be focusing on how to enhance HR efficiency management in the post-pandemic era. We will discuss how to address the impact of the pandemic on organizations and employees, and how to manage the work-life balance of employees in this new environment. We will also explore how to leverage technology and data analysis to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of HR management.

Tea Break & Networking 茶歇休息
Panel Discussion: Diversity and Inclusion: Unlocking the Power of Differences in Business Success | 专题讨论:释放多元和包容的力量,促进业务成功

We will discuss how to promote diversity and inclusion in organizations and leverage different ways of thinking and experiences to create business value. We will also explore how to establish an inclusive culture to attract and retain talent from diverse backgrounds and experiences.

Closing Remarks 结束致辞