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Jindou Cloud

The Jindou Cloud is a distribution robot that travels on the sidewalk and navigates with a relatively low-cost camera, allowing the robot to safely deliver items to the user at low speed. During the delivery process, the items carried by the robot will remain locked and have a 360-degree anti-theft surveillance camera. Users can view the progress and location of robot delivery in real time. After the robot arrives at the user, the user can unlock the goods by simply unlocking the phone.

Presenter: Peisen Lin, CEO

Peisen Lin graduated from Imperial College London and gain degree of Electrical Engineering. He has 3 years of logistics and last kilometer operation experience, meanwhile is an electronic engineering and software and hardware engineer with 3 years’ experience of computer vision technology precipitation and robot operating system development.


We provide predictive maintenance software and algorithm services using industrial domains, big data, industrial IoT and deep learning technologies, including: Failure Monitoring, Prediction and Analytics, Required Actions, Production Optimization, Optimization of Spare Parts supply Chain.

We helped the customers of power industry, oil/gas industry and other industry with high value machineries to increase machine’s availability and to decrease the costs. A potential failure can be predicted in advance.

Presenter: Kenneth Wang, CEO

Wang xi, the founder and CEO of WYSEngine (Beijing) co., LTD. The master of IT and management in Keele University and has over 15 years of experience in Internet of things system integration, smart city and other field solutions and marketing promotion. Led the team to promote Internet of things solutions to electric power, park and transportation industries during the soft pass power working period.
Wang xi started to develop the application of big data, artificial intelligence and machine learning in industrial production in 2014 and successful service in a number of electric powers, petrochemical and manufacturing customers. He is committed making the company become the leading technology company in China and even the world's leading industrial equipment intelligent, fault warning and value-added service. Enable products to serve a wider range of industry customers and ultimate realization “keep every industrial equipment operation healthy”.


UCDOM BioTech. focuses on the intelligentization and informatization of drug research and development. We discover novel targets and develop allosteric small molecule leads utilizing self-developed artificial intelligence algorithms. Our technology platform mainly includes: (1) Potential novel therapeutic targets discovery platform; (2) Artificial intelligence-based allosteric drug discovery platform. By deep collaboration with industrial partners such as pharmaceutical enterprises and hospitals, we have obtained a number of experimentally validated novel targets and allosteric lead molecules.

Presenter:Dongzhi Feng, COO

With more than 12 years’ experience in drug discovery, business development and investment experience after serving as the Research Head of Biopharmaceutical Industry, he joined UCDOM as co-founder. Previously, Dr. Feng was the Partnership Development Manager at Abbott China, where he led external innovation and collaboration. Prior to Abbott, he worked at SK Biopharmaceuticals as the Director of BD who was responsible for licensing activities for compounds of the central nervous system. Dr. Feng started his biocareer at Hutchison MediPharma as a group leader and scientist together with a team in oncology drug discovery. He received his Ph.D. degree from Shanghai Institute of Materia Medica, Chinese Academy of Sciences and an MBA degree from SAIF Shanghai Jiao Tong University.

Beijing Whole Link Technology

Beijing Whole Link Technology is a professional SaaS software service provider based on IOT technology. Whole Link Technology's “Cloud Link 's SaaS Platform of Smart Logistics” has been widely used in many industries such as Manufacturing, Chemistry, Retails, Medical/Pharmaceutical, E-commerce, Cold chains, Automobiles and 3PL etc. It can save logistics costs and improve supply chain efficiency for many companies. In May 2018, Whole Link Technology won the pre-A round of financing from China Merchants Ventures, and obtained A round of financing from the CETC and PNP in 1st half of 2019.

Presenter: Charles Feng, Vice General Manager

Charles joined Whole Link Technology in Feb this year. He is responsible for marketing and sales management. He has 20+ years of management experience in the IT field. He has served many leading international companies such as IBM, EMC, RSA, etc. as department Technical Director, Senior Consultant, Regional Sales Director etc., and also served as a CTO for a local medium-sized startup company. With deep insights into the local IT market, he has always been devoted to actively promoting the development of cloud computing, big data, Internet of Things, and Smart Logistics.

Yunji Creative Design (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.

Since 2012, Yunji Creative Design (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. has been working on the application of 3D printing technology in the consumer sector. After seven years, it has developed more than 500 SKU till now. the average of more than 200 SKU. In last 2 years, Yunji releases more than 200 SKU per year on average.
The number of stable business customers is more than 200, including National Museum of China, the Palace Museum, British Museum, Shanghai Museum, Shanghai Science and Technology Museum, Nestle, Unilever, General Motors Corporation, Juneyao Group, Evergrande Group, Everbright Securities and other well-known international and domestic enterprises.
With more than 100 product designers, Yunji adopts “creative design + 3D printing technology”, whose business covers the whole process of the product design, modeling, prototyping, production and packaging. The average product development is 20 days. Yunji is one of the most professional companies in the field of rapid product development.
In 2019, the cultural-creative-product vending machine, which is independently designed and developed by Yunji, has been placed into the domestic A-class scenic spot. The products sold in vending machine are all original products designed by Yunji, customized for the local market. By 2020, Yunji cultural-creative-product vending machines will cover 200 scenic spots, with 2000 equipment terminals.
In 2017, Yunji won the Shanghai NewMargin Angel Round Investment. In 2018, Yunji won the PNP Fund PRE-A round investment.

Presenter:Han Jin, Partner, Design Director

Graduated from DOMUS academy, and Nuova Accademia di Belle Arti in Milan. Got two master degrees in product design and industrial design. Founded Yunji in 2015 together with Dr.Wang Xusheng. After five years of dedicated research, development and exploration, Han is familiar with the development trend of the 3D printing industry, accumulated rich experience in the combination of 3D printing core technology, core materials, core processes and traditional manufacturing processes; Familiar with more than 21 kinds of materials and the combination of process and 3D printing technology, leading the development of more than 500 products.

Woobo Inc

Woobo Inc. is working on the next generation of AI powered speech interaction engine that has personality. The team is consisted of graduates from MIT, CMU and Harvard. Its AI engine has won 1st place in global LiveQA contest in both 2015 and 2016. Its personalized conversation engine based on generation model can imitate any character or celebrity. The first product is a companion robot for kids promoting interactive learning experience. The product has been reviewed as key trends in 2017 NY Toy Fair, referred by customers as Echo for kids and next generation of Furby. Woobo has also been selected as one of Top 50 consumer robots startups by CB Insights (

Presenter: Feng Tan, CEO

Feng Tan, CEO, Doctor of Robotics at MIT, chairman of MIT-CHIEF founding committee, Bachelor of Fine Mechanics Department at Tsinghua University, President of Association for Science and Technology. Special Prize of 25th Challenge Cup Technology Competition of Tsinghua University winner.