Effective Communication in Business English

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Business English communication skills is essential for getting ahead at work. It not only provides a competitive advantage but also fosters strong connections with both clients and colleagues. Moreover, effective communication can help your company save on costs and promote collaboration. This course is not a typical language course. It's a dynamic, hands-on experience tailored for professionals who need to communicate in English at work or aspire to enhance their business English proficiency. Our focus goes beyond language alone – we dive into practical workplace scenarios, interpreting essential business English skills and engaging participants in real-world exercises, which helps participants communicate more confidently, clearly, and effectively in various business settings.

良好的商务英语沟通能力不仅能够提升您的职场竞争力,帮助您与客户和同事建立牢固的关系,而且可以帮助企业降低沟通成本,促成更多合作机会。区别于传统商务英语课程仅关注语言本身,本课程从职场英文沟通的实际应用场景出发,通过实用的商务英语技巧解读与实际工作场景演练,帮助学员在不同的商务英语工作场景中更加自信、清楚、高效地沟通和表达, 专为需要在工作中使用英语或渴望提高商务英语水平的专业人士量身定制。

Target Audience/目标学员

Professionals who need to use English at work or want to improve their business English skills.


Teaching Method/授课形式

Lectures, case study, group discussion, student exercise



Through this course, participants will be able to:

· Master essentials of cross-cultural communication

· Master oral communication techniques in English

· Master Email writing techniques in English

· Master communication techniques in common business scenarios

· Achieve visible on-the-spot improvement


· 掌握跨文化沟通要领

· 掌握商务口语沟通技巧

· 掌握商务英文邮件写作技巧

· 掌握常见的商务英语场景沟通技巧

· 实现肉眼可见的现场提升


· 商务英语表达原则

o 用词简单且精准

o 句子简短不啰嗦

o 观点明确好理解

o 表达方式委婉礼貌

o 学员练习:针对以上表达原则的练习

· 商务邮件写作技巧

o 常用框架

o 6C原则

o 注意事项

o 作业:完成一封真实的商务英文邮件

· 商务口语表达技巧

o 提升自信

o 传递清晰的信息

o 避免翻译式思维

o 利用非语言信息

o 互动练习:根据给定主题进行口语练习

· 常见英文工作场景沟通技巧

o 正式场景:工作汇报

o 非正式场景:茶水间聊天

o 模拟练习:针对以上每个工作场景的模拟练习

· 跨文化沟通要点

o 跨文化差异的5个主要方面

o 跨文化沟通的4个突破点


· Expression Principles of Business English

o Use simple and precise words

o Be concise and to the point

o Be tactful and polite

o Student exercise: exercises for the above expression principles

· Email Writing Techniques in English

o Common frameworks of email writing in English

o 6C principles of email writing in English

o Tips for email writing in English

o Assignment: complete a real business email in English

· Oral Expression Techniques in English

o Boost self-confidence

o Convey clear information

o Avoid translation thinking

o Make use of non-verbal information

o Student exercise: oral practice based on a specific topic

· Communication Techniques in Common Work Scenarios

o Formal scenario: work reporting

o Informal scenario: small talk

o Student exercise: communication practice for each of the above scenarios

· Essentials of Cross-Cultural Communication

o 5 aspects of cross-cultural differences

o 4 key points of cross-cultural business communication

Review and Summary

Event Details

  • Topic: Effective Communication in Business English 英文工作环境下的高效沟通
  • Format: In-Person Training 线下培训
  • Date: June 27, 2024, Thursday 2024年6月27日, 周四
  • Time: 9:00-17:00 ( A full day training 全天培训)
  • Venue: Swedcham Beijing Office, Room 230, No. 20, Xinyuanlixi, JinShangYuan, Chaoyang District, Beijing 北京市朝阳区新源里西20号金尚源2层230, 中国瑞典商会北京办公室
  • Language: Chinese 中文


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  • Frayda FANG (Bilingual Trainer at Linke Consulting Co., Ltd.)

    Frayda FANG

    Bilingual Trainer at Linke Consulting Co., Ltd.

    Frayda is a bilingual trainer from Linke Consulting. She graduated from Hunan Normal University with a Master's in English Education, TEM-8 and a Professional Teaching Qualification. She has worked as a deputy section-level cadre of a public institution, participated in the UNESCO project application and achieved success, and translated several Chinese and English geological science picture books. She also has worked as the head of enterprise publicity and as an internal trainer of an industry-leading enterprise, responsible for employee skills training.

    Frayda is proficient in training and coaching in Workplace English and Corporate Culture Construction. Her teaching style is personable and interactive which leads to a good classroom vibe. She is good at helping students understand the real-life application of course material to make participants feel connected. She emphasizes skills improvement and practical achievement and is well rated by participants.

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