AI-Driven Innovation and Transformation in HR Business Processes



  • 行业前沿深探:洞悉AI引领的未来工作新趋势,领略行业前沿洞察。
  • 智能HR新解:探讨AI在全球人力资源管理中的创新,助力构建高效、精准HR管理体系,提升组织效率,释放人才创造力。
  • 转型先锋分享:聆听不同行业AI驱动HR转型的成功客户故事。
  • 圆桌论坛对话:与行业领军者共话AI与HR融合之道,激发创新火花。





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  • 联系人:Melody Wen,


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  • Stijn Nauwelaerts (HRVP at Microsoft)

    Stijn Nauwelaerts

    HRVP at Microsoft

  • Janet Chen (CHRO at Microsoft (China))

    Janet Chen

    CHRO at Microsoft (China)

    Janet Chen joined Microsoft (China) Co., Ltd. in October 2015, and is now the CHRO of Greater China Region. She is fully responsible for strategic HR planning and management in China, Hong Kong and Taiwan, focusing on developing core executive teams based on talent acquisition, development and management, enhancing organizational effectiveness, and thus strengthening the core competitiveness of the organization. She uses Microsoft's global leading technology to drive digitally-driven HR management change through a new cultural transformation, and then leads the company-wide strategic digital transformation at all levels and functions. She enables the HR team to harness the power of technology to benefit all people and clients to achieve excellence through continuous innovation and breakthroughs.
    Prior to joining Microsoft, Janet worked at Nestle (China) Co., Ltd. as the Human Resources Director of the Food & Beverage Division in Greater China. She has 19 years of experience in human resources management and has extensive experience in talent development, organization design, performance management, change management, and labor relations.
    Janet graduated from Nanjing Normal University with a degree in English and studied at the Department of Psychology at Peking University with a specialization in Applied Psychology. She later received on-the-job training as senior executives at China Europe International Business School and London Business School.

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  • Jie Cui (General Manager of Microsoft 365 Product Division at Microsoft (China) Co., Ltd.)

    Jie Cui

    General Manager of Microsoft 365 Product Division at Microsoft (China) Co., Ltd.

  • Jian Han (Professor/CHRO Course Director of CEIBS)

    Jian Han

    Professor/CHRO Course Director of CEIBS

  • Annie Wang (HRVP China and APAC at Bayer (China) Limited)

    Annie Wang

    HRVP China and APAC at Bayer (China) Limited

    Annie Wang joined Bayer in 2012, and is currently the HRVP, Bayer Greater China and APAC. Annie is a seasoned HR practitioner in different industries. Over the past 20+ years, Annie had held different HR management positions with multinational companies, such as DHL, Nortel Networks, Edelman, and Schneider Electric. Her study and work experience in China as well as in Canada have enabled her to appreciate different cultural environment and adopt the appropriate approach to tackle the cross-cultural issues.
    Annie got her bachelor’s degree in Beijing University of Chemical Technology, majored in Business Administration. She further obtained her post graduate education in the field of Human Resources Management and acquired her CHRP (Certified Human Resources Professional) designation in Canada. She also received her MBA Diploma from China Europe International Business School (CEIBS).

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  • Charles Shao (Managing Director - Consulting of Greater China Korn Ferry)

    Charles Shao

    Managing Director - Consulting of Greater China Korn Ferry

    Mr. Shao is Managing Director - Consulting Greater China at Korn Ferry and leads Industrial Market advisory business in Asia Pacific, helping multinational and local companies to drive and sustain superior business performance through talent and organizational interventions.

    Mr. Shao brings near 20 years global experience in both corporate and consulting to clients and the Firm. He used to be the Global Head of Leadership Development and Learning & Development at Caterpillar Inc, a US Fortune 100 industrial company. Prior to that, he was Practice Leader at Hewitt Associates, advising clients from various industries, such as: industrial, real estate, pharmaceutical, financials, Hi-Tech and etc.

    Mr. Shao focuses on helping Chinese companies going global and multinational companies to succeed in China through leadership assessment and development, talent management, succession management, org design, HR transformation, executive coaching, M&A and etc.

    Mr. Shao holds Master of Business Administration from Rotterdam School of Management at Erasmus University, the Netherlands and Bachelor of Economics from Shanghai University of Finance and Economics. He is accredited for several leadership assessment instruments and trained for executive coaching.

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