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*Please note that this training will be conducted in Chinese *


[Course Background]

HR work in the data era can no longer rely solely on HR's intuition to make decisions, the ever-changing digital era, diversified employee structure, a large amount of basic data from various HR modules, HR practitioners need to transition from traditional HR work thinking to digital thinking, data-driven business, and improve the operational efficiency of HR work.

Now most of the HR lack of human resources data analysis capabilities, the understanding of data analysis also stays in the stage of EXCEL to do charts and graphs, in the data analysis skills are only EXCEL's simple report processing and basic chart design, in the level of data analysis only stays in the basic level of data records and descriptions, and can't be combined with the company's business and strategic analysis of the data.

The Northeast Chapter of AmCham China has arranged for a special lecture by Mr. Wang Peijun, who is a renowned lecturer at Eddic China. During the lecture, Mr. Wang Peijun will provide an in-depth explanation of the topic, and I am confident that everyone attending will gain valuable insights and inspiration from it.

Event Details

-Format: online course by Zoom. Zoom link and Passcode will be shared with you 1 day before the course starts

-Date and Time : June 20 9:00-16:00

[Applicable Objects]

- Desire to be a business partner and use data for dialogue with business units

- The hope is that data can be used to support human resources decision-making and drive business development

- Desire to become an expert in HR data analytics and use data analytics to help solve internal HR problems

[Course Benefits]

1.Understand the significance of the key indicators of the data of each module of human resources, and be able to calculate the various key indicators

2.Learn data analysis EXCEL pivot, data charts, data dashboard design, able to graphical presentation of human resources data

3.The establishment of standardised human resources data reports, improve the efficiency of human resources data analysis

4.Master the process of data analysis, tools, methods, and be able to carry out data analysis on the data of various HR modules.

5.Based on data analysis of human resources performance improvement, to promote business development, support the company's strategy

[Course Outline]

I. Human resources data thinking and systems

1.Trends in digital transformation of human resources

2.With business-oriented data analysis thinking HR

3.WHY The value and significance of HR data-enabled transformation

4.HOW human resources data systematic platform construction - standardisation, business, systematic, visualisation, platform

5.WHAT People Analysis human resources data analysts

II. Human resources data visualisation

1.The 4-step process of data visualisation

2. 5 data relationships between data

3.Different data relationships between the data chart selection

4.Human resources data chart visualisation practice

5.Power BI HR data visualisation case sharing

III. Human resources data analysis thinking and processes

1.Selection and calculation of key indicators for human resources data analysis

2.Cleaning and processing of human resources data in data analysis

3.Human resources data analysis logic and dimensions

4.Data modelling - HR data underlying architecture and data visualisation models

5.Data analysis - human resources data analysis report

6.Data analysis case practice - staff organisational structure data analysis

IV. Introduction to human resources data analysis methods

1.Descriptive statistical analysis

- Calculation of arithmetic averages

- Weighted average calculation

- Data frequency analysis

2. Business relevance data analysis

- Correlation analysis of performance data

- Calculation of median remuneration

- Linear analysis of performance data

- Talent Matrix Nine-Grid Analysis

3. Predictive data analysis

- Salary regression analysis

- Predictive analysis of human performance data

V. Practical exercises in human resources data modelling and analysis cases

1.Construction and analysis of mobility data analysis dashboard models

2.Recruitment conversion rate data dashboard construction

3.Employee Talent Development Capability Distribution Radar Chart Model-Form Control Data Modelling

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  • Peijun Wang (Gold Medal Lecturer at Eddic China)

    Peijun Wang

    Gold Medal Lecturer at Eddic China

    ●Former Nokia Academy - Training Manager, Nokia China Investments Ltd.
    ●Former Microsoft China Investment Limited - Senior HRBP
    ●Author of the book "The Human Resources Data Analyst", selected as a textbook for university programmes in human resources
    ●Zhejiang University City College/Haikou University of Economics - Invited Digital Course Tutor for HR Professionals
    ●Ali Education/Universal Human Resources/ MileagePlus/Human Resources Academy/Human Resources Encyclopaedia-Human Resources Digital Contracted Lecturer
    ●Founder of Nuzhi Consulting, the leading HR data analytics consulting firm in China.
    ●Human Resources Data Analyst - Certified Expert Panelist, Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT)
    ●Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security HRBP Certification Programme - Lecturer
    ●Human Resource Data Analyst Series Copyright Course Ownership

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