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September 29, 2022  Hotel: Hilton Beijing | Beijing, China

In this time of radicalness, we look for rationality. 

In this time of confrontation, we call for collaboration. 

In this time of uncertainty, we seek opportunities. 

The Technology and Innovation Summit is an annual signature event launched in 2018 under AmCham China's Technology and Innovation Initiative. This full-day conference is a valuable platform for corporations to exchange cross-sector best practices and innovative solutions for the business application of disruptive technologies in varied industries and corporate functions include manufacturing, automobile, energy, healthcare, financial services, marketing, retail, etc.

2022 is destined to be an eventful year with the rapidly changing international macroeconomic and political situation with the impact of COVID-19 pandemic. In this year, the Summit will focus on the most trending topics to help our members navigate through the uncertainty and grasp the window of opportunity in the tide of digital transformation, focusing on win-win scenarios for the business community in China.

Summit Highlights:

Future of AI and Digital Transformation in China

  • AI (Artificial Intelligence) technology is now poised to transform every industry, just as electricity did 100 years ago. Between now and 2030, it will create an estimated $13 trillion of GDP growth. While it has already created tremendous value in leading technology companies, much of the additional waves of value creation will go beyond the software sector, as well as the hardware sector.
  • Digital Transformation in blooming industries like Manufacturing, Automobile, Healthcare, Financial Services...

Digital China: Powering the economy to global competitiveness

China has become a force to be reckoned with in digital technologies at home and around the world. As a major worldwide investor in digital technologies and one of the world's leading adopters of the technologies, it is already shaping the global digital landscape and supporting and inspiring entrepreneurship far beyond its own borders.

  • Opportunities and challenges in terms of China's position in the global digital landscape
  • The value of digitization in restructuring important sectors, including consumer and retail, automotive and mobility, healthcare, logistic, etc.
  • What can policymakers do to encourage China's digital economy, and how foreign companies better succeed in China
  • Why digital strategy matters more in China, and what choices can companies make to prepare for the impending wave of change

Sustainable Technology

Each day we are exposed to environmental risks, including depletion of natural resources, pollution, deforestation, e-waste generation, poor air and water quality, ozone layer depletion, and more. Sustainable technology is an umbrella term that describes an innovation that considers natural resources and fosters economic and social development. The goal of these technologies is to drastically reduce environmental and ecological risks and to create a sustainable product.

  • How technology empowers sustainability
  • How cloud computing utilities manage energy sustainably across entire grids
  • How to stay competitive and help the environment by implementing sustainable innovations

Key Industries and Who Should Join:

This Summit isn't just for your company's tech gurus, ICT-focused individuals, or CTOs. It's designed for key decision makers, intrapreneurs and those pioneering the future of your business in China, looking to adopt today's most pivotal emerging technologies.

  • C-Suite executives (CEO, CIO, CTO, COO, CDO, CMO, etc.)
  • Strategy and transformation
  • Research and development
  • Corporate Innovation and accelerator
  • Marketing and branding
  • Public and corporate affairs
  • Tech entrepreneurs and startups
  • Other interested members and non-member

Past Speakers From:

Important Notes:

  • The Summit will be onsite at the venue
  • Please register in advance to secure your spot. We do not accept walk-ins or onsite payment for this Summit.
  • If you have any questions about registration, please email Yin Yu at
  • Due to the COVID-19 prevention and control requirement, the venue may have a capacity limit. We will adjust the amount of available onsite tickets to accommodate the venue requirement accordingly.
  • All the onsite attendees are required to declare their travel history not to be mid/high-risk areas within 14 days, take an onsite temperature check, show the GREEN Beijing Health Kit code (Jiankangbao), and wear masks while keeping social distance during the entire event.

Please stay tuned as we continue to update these developments.


Beijing Hilton Hotel
Beijing, China

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