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AmCham China's Manufacturing, Sourcing, Supply Chain and Customs Forum is pleased to announce that we will be welcoming two new co-chairs come aboard this fall - they are Craig Abler, Regional Vice President of Asia Supply Chain at Boeing and Jonathan Kendrick,Director of Marketing at Pacific Resources International (PRI). Under the leadership of our new co-chairs, the Forum is on track to revitalize its working group activities for the largest membership segment at AmCham China.

As the shortage of shipping containers continue to trouble the day-to-day operations, how is everyone navigating other transportation and logistics challenges brought by the evolving pandemic reality? Meanwhile with the rise of growing tensions across the Pacific, the Biden Administration is committed to directing supply chain relocation to the U.S. under the notion of national security. The 100-Day Supply Chain Review concluded early June this year was initiated to "identify risks, address vulnerabilities and develop a strategy to promote resilience", covering four critical areas:semiconductor manufacturing & advanced packaging; large capacity batteries; critical minerals and materials, and pharmaceuticals & active pharmaceutical ingredients(APIs).This strategy has elicited new and complex issues/questions in various aspects: How can MNCs be better prepared for all the policy uncertainties? Should US companies operating in China start considering moving their supply chains back to America?

On September 22, the Forum will be hosting an Autumn Townhall for everyone to meet in person with our fellow new co-chairs and gain the latest insights from our esteemed speakers on the mentioned areas that are of concern to the broader manufacturing industry.

Topics to be included:

  1. Transportation and Logistics – Innovation and Transformation in the Evolving Global Trade Environment
  2. Understanding Biden's 100-Day Supply Chain Review and Its Implications
  3. Common Goals and Future Plans for Manufacturing, Sourcing, Supply Chain and Customs Forum

*An in-person event at China World Hotel

*This event will be conducted in English only.

*Following the townhall meeting, there will be a reception.

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