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【Opening Remarks】
【Keynote Speech 1】
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【Forum 1】Challenges and Opportunities for MSMEs Affected by the COVID-19 Pandemic

How can MSMEs cope with "black swan" events such as the Covid-19 outbreak? As an important element of the supply chain ecosystem of multinational corporations (MNCs), how can MNCs and industry leaders increase the resilience of MSMEs over the long-term?

Against the backdrop of the Covid-19, how can the government better formulate long-term policies to increase domestic demand and support MSMEs to overcome difficulties including a lack of demand and obtaining payment/collecting accounts?

【Forum 2】The Role of Civil Society in Public Health Emergency Response

What is (or should be) the role of MNCs and international organizations in emergency response during an international public health crisis?

How to leverage private sector resources to support government policy implementation (talent, technology, capital, expertise etc.)?

How to increase public awareness during the early stages of a public health emergency and improve mobilization from the “ground up” to enhance the society's ability to cope with uncertainty and risks?

【Keynote Speech 3】
【Forum 3】Building a "Healthy China" in the Context of Normalized Pandemic Prevention and Control

How can stakeholders work together to promote healthy lifestyles that strengthen population health and contribute to the prevention and control of infectious diseases?

What’s the role of MNCs in providing guidance for societal health management (e.g., via digital health technologies,

How can stakeholders reduce the cost of healthcare and build a “community of common health for mankind” through innovative approaches?

【Forum 4】Creating a New Ecology of Small and Medium-sized enterprises under the Dual Circulation Model

How should industry leaders accelerate the transformation and upgrading of MSMEs in the value chain?

How should government departments cooperate with the private sector to provide practical services and support to MSMEs?

【Closing Remarks】