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Water prospered everything, and city is the place human beings gather and reside. Wuhan as a city surrounded by water, undertakes the mission of propelling development between city, nature and civilization. As the capital city of the thousand-lake province, Hubei, Wuhan has the highest water area ration amongst all Chinese cities. The Yangtze River flow across the city, intersected with the Han River. The city was therefore segregated to three segments according to its geographical trait, forming the three towns on both sides of the river.

Wuhan is the imperative economy and trade center at the Yangtze River Basin region. In reconstructing the connection between nature, civilization and development, rationale use of Yangtze River resources, strengthen city infrastructure and implement the living environment all challenged us when we aim to harmonious coexistence between human and nature. To combat these challenges, China Central Chapter will host the "Major Rivers and Mega Cities: Rethink the Relationship amongst Environment, People and Development" event together with Wuhan CCPIT on May, 28th. We will invite our enterprise members, environmental specialists and related Wuhan governors on the issue to make speeches on the topic. Our event served to bring up the awareness in protecting the environment to the public, facilitate the urban ecological environment implementation and propel the development of regional trade.

Urban development cannot thrive without participation and contribution delivered from the residents. While children are the future developers, it would be appealing to see how they view and interpret the bonding between water, nature and urban development. Aside, how children aimed to build the harmonious coexistence among human, nature and environment also addressed our attention. We will present the "Green City on the Yangtze Riverside —— Children's Day Art Exhibition" during May 24th to June 4th at Wuhan Horizon Shopping Mall. Our exhibition aimed to reflect younger generations' insights and ideas facing the environmental protection challenges.

The American Chamber of Commerce in China and the United States Embassy in China are in partnership to help expand the conversation of our bilateral relations to our communities that may have different views but certainly shared responsibilities to our environment. With the backdrop of the Wuhan Yangtze River, a live case of harmonized natural, build and social environments, we bring government officials, industrial experts, and social and community representatives together for a conference that cites examples of how different stakeholders approach to the jigsaw cities puzzle of making better life in each arena of and through the interactions of our natural, built, and social environments on our own and together.

*This event is funded as a gift of the United States Government.*

Program One - May 28

Major Rivers and Mega Cities: Rethink the Relationship amongst Environment, People and Development

Venue: Wuhan Convention Center

Time: 08:30 - 16:30



A. Chinese Government

1. Wuhan Natural Resources and Planning Bureau

2. Wuhan Ecological Environment Bureau

3. Wuhan Municipal Water Bureau

4. Changjiang New Town Administrative Committee


B. Member companies

1. Autodesk Company

2. Jones Lang LaSalle Wuhan Branch

3. Xylem China


This is a free entry event. Please understand that RSVPs are required and no walk-ins will be allowed.

Deadline for registration will be on May 25, any inquires, please contact Joan Zhu at email:

Program Two May 24 - June 4

Green City on the Yangtze Riverside - Children's Day Art Exhibition

Venue: L2 A1 Room, Wuhan Horizon Shopping Mall

Time: 10:30 - 21:00, May 24 - June 4

This is a free entry event.


Wuhan Convention Center
No. 38, Huiji Road, Jiangan District
WuhanHubei, China

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