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Participating in an international summer camp has been a popular summer holiday activity for families during the summer holidays. As international travel restrictions make going abroad prohibiting, AmCham China, Tianjin would like to invite you and your family to join us for two days of quality time at the Tianjin Spring Rock International Camp. The extensive program includes family bonding, parents' cultural exchange, ropes course, climbing wall, and numerous fun-filled activities for your family to bond and for your children to develop an open mindset toward challenges.

This is a two-day, one-night program with bilingual support at all times. It will be a great opportunity for your family to immerse in language and cultural exchange.

About Spring Rock International Camp:

Located in the National Geopark of Jizhou in between Beijing and Tianjin,

the camp is within a 20-minute drive to the famous Huangyaguan Great Wall and a 15-minute walk to the Watch Tower from the Ming Dynasty. It is a great outdoor classroom/retreat place for students and families.

The site has several camping areas, grass areas for sports, two meeting rooms, and a spacious cafeteria. Designed and built by professionals from North America, the camp has a 27-element high ropes course and a variety of ground-level initiatives. It is the first high ropes course in China certified by ACCT (Association for Challenge Course Technology.)

**Program fees include family-unit rooms/tents, two-day full program, insurance, dining, and roundtrip bus transportation.

3 days - 2 nights option:

Guests also have the option to stay another night at the camp for:

  • adults and children born before 2016/1/1: RMB400
  • children born after 2016/1/1: Free 

Fees include three extra meals (2nd-day dinner and 3rd-day breakfast and lunch) and 1 night of accommodation. Guests will need to arrange their own return transportation to downtown. Additional on-the-ground activities will be available at an extra cost. 

暑假期间,很多家庭会选择带孩子们参加国际夏令营开阔视野,但今年国际旅行因为疫情原因仍非常困难。因此,中国美国商会天津希望邀请您这个夏天和您的家人一起加入我们,在天津泉石国际营地进行为期两天的优质活动。 丰富的项目计划包含家庭时间,国际文化交流,高空绳索,攀岩墙以及众多有趣又富有教育意义的活动,给您提供一个度过美好家庭时间的机会,并让您的孩子养成面对挑战的开放心态。

活动为期两天一夜,全程双语支持。 这也将是一个语言和文化交流的绝佳机会。








  • 成人及2016年1月1日前出生的儿童:400元人民币
  • 2016年1月1日后出生的儿童:免费

费用包含额外三餐(第二天晚餐,第三天早、中餐) 及一晚住宿。您将需要自行安排回程交通。第三天营地提供额外低空活动选择,可自行选择购买。



Spring Rock International Camp
Spring Rock International Camp, Ji Zhou District, Tianjin

TianjinJizhou District, China

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