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*Please note that this is an offline course, and will be conducted in Chinese.

It is an advanced version of the online course "Government Affairs Training – Keep Pace with the Times". Based on the original one, the advanced version has expanded the breadth and depth of the content and strengthened the direct interaction with the audience in accordance with the offline characteristics and advantages, and implements special preferential prices for the year of 2020.

Training Objectives

In the ever-changing international political and economic environment, as well as the economic situation affected by the COVID-19, the Chinese government is playing an increasingly important role in China's economic development, and has become a critical stakeholder in the business development and daily operations of multi-national companies. This has also highlighted the importance of government affairs work for enterprises.

This course is designed to assist business people to better understand the work of Chinese government and to establish effective communication channels with important stakeholders, especially in the context of more uncertainties of the external environment and frequent changing policies, to understand the policy-making process, analyze the impact of government macro-administration on enterprises, provide strategic suggestion for enterprises to solve problems and achieve business goals, advocate to the government more effectively, establish a positive corporate image, and achieve win-win between government and enterprise.

Training Outline

Evolution of Professional Government Affairs

  • The evolution process and developing direction of MNCs' Government Affairs work in China
  • Viewing the changing government affairs in a changing environment, and keep pace with the times under a constantly evolving political and economic circumstance

Establish Government Relation and Advocate Well

  • Understand the structure and management system of the Chinese government
  • Establish a systematic and professional government relations network to help companies achieve business objectives based on the win-win principle
  • Understand the differences between Chinese and Western cultures, manage and coordinate internal and external stakeholders, and effectively advocate

Government Affairs Crisis Management and Professionally Handling On-site Inspection

  • Basic principles, management system and handling process of government affairs crisis
  • The trend of government supervision over enterprises
  • Evaluation and response under the situations that may face during on-site inspection by government departments

Support the Strategic Development through Policy Research

  • Monitoring and collection: Effectively monitor important policies that of company's interest, and fully understand the specific requirements of the policies from different perspectives such as the central, local and industry
  • Analysis and research: Through understanding the policy-making process and background, as well as the profound meaning of policy provisions, conduct targeted research and make corresponding impact analysis
  • Reporting and suggestion: Combining the business status of the enterprise, make recommendations to the senior management about how to deal with problems and seize development opportunities
  • Strategy and theory: From the perspective of macro development and theory, study and predict the direction of policy changes, and conduct in-depth research with theoretical guidance

Our Niche

  • Practical: It is designed and conducted by senior GA practitioners. It is loaded with best practices and offers operational templates that can serve as a practical guidance.

  • Hands-on: The course is both theory-driven and experience-based with hands-on participation. Participants will be presented with several scenarios from real work, including simulation scenarios, role-playing, interactive discussions, as well as concentrated various practical case-sharing and analysis, so as to help participants fully get the learning points.

Who Should Attend?

  • Senior Executives of Multi-national Companies: Aiming to expand and deepen their understanding of the Chinese government and policies on the basis of understanding the differences between Chinese and Western cultures, and leverage the government affairs to guide the company's development in China.

  • GA Professionals: Working in the government/ public affairs, aiming to continuously and systemically improve the working skillset from a strategically perspective.

  • Business People: Working in the PR/ Communications/ CSR/ Legal/ Plant Operation and Management, etc. with the responsibility to communicate or even advocate with the government stakeholders, and hope to do a good job through systematic learning.


9 AM - 9:15 AM
9:15 AM - 12 PM
12 PM - 1 PM
1 PM - 5 PM


  • Brent Yuan (Partner and Senior Director of Yuan Associates)

    Brent Yuan

    Partner and Senior Director of Yuan Associates

    Brent Yuan joined Yuan Associates in January 2010 and become a partner in January 2017.

    As the Senior Director for Yuan Associates, Mr. Yuan is responsible for client services across multiple sectors like manufacturing, IT, services, pharmaceuticals, and agriculture, etc. Mr. Yuan focuses his energy on helping international clients to promote the corporate reputation and address operational challenges, specializing in government relations and external communications. Since July 2016, Mr. Yuan has been the firm’s key trainer for the Government Affairs Certificate Training Program of the American Chamber of Commerce in Beijing, which has received massive positive recognition after three years of operation.

    Mr. Yuan has valuable experience working with multinational companies, concentrating in public relations, branding, crisis management, and media relations from ten years of professional experience in relevant fields at both media outlets and multinational enterprises. Before joining Yuan Associates, Mr. Yuan worked as a public communication supervisor to several multinational enterprises, including BMW and Amway. Prior to working in the public relations sector, Mr. Yuan started his career as a reporter for China Construction Machinery magazine, during which time he interviewed over 40 presidents of multinational companies.

    Mr. Yuan holds a bachelor’s degree in English from Beijing International Studies University.

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Employee of Member Companies

Please be noted that you must register and complete the payment before Nov 16th.

Standard Price RMB 2,400

Please be noted that you must register and complete the payment before Nov 16th.

Standard Price RMB 2,900

Please be noted that you must register and complete the payment before Nov 16th.

Standard Price RMB 8,600

Please be noted that you must register and complete the payment before Nov 16th.

Standard Price RMB 10,400


No. 50 Liangmaqiao Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing, Room C405

No. 50 Liangmaqiao Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing, Room C405
Beijing, China

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