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  • 双减对国际学校的影响在哪里?
  • 双减要求减轻学科和课外负担,国际学校是怎么应对的?
  • 双减之下,家长育儿的策略和方向是什么?


Recently, the Double Alleviation Policy aroused a hot discussion from all walks of life. Parents have many questions, such as:

  • What is the impact of the Double Alleviation Policy on international schools?
  • How are international schools responding to the Double Alleviation Policy, which requires reducing academic and extracurricular burdens?
  • Any parenting suggestions that could alleviate parents' anxiety about raising a child?




Recently, the issuance of the Double Alleviation Policy has aroused heated discussion from all walks of life.

In terms of this topic, Principal Christine Xu of Chaoyang Kaiwen Academy (CKWA), who has worked in the field of international education for more than 20 years, has also given her interpretation of the Double Alleviation Policy.

She believes that the topic of alleviating students' schoolwork burden and alleviating the burden of after-school training in the stage of compulsory education can be reduced to one question - that is, what kind of education should we pursue in the Double Alleviation era?

Principal Christine Xu believes that no matter whether there is a Double Alleviation policy or not, as educators, we should return to the essence of education, that is, we should cope with everything by sticking to the principle of education, which is taking the long view and slow pace.

欢迎参加11月9日中国美国商会的教育活动,对话朝阳凯文学校的执行校长徐涛女士和外方校长Andrew Leale先生,解码"双减"之下国际教育的本质。

Welcome to join AmCham China's event on November 9th, where we will have a dialogue with Ms. Xu Tao, the CKWA Executive Principal, and Mr. Andrew Leale, the International Principal, on the nature of international education under " the Double Alleviation Policy ".


2 PM - 2:30 PM
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  • 徐涛 Christine Xu (执行校长 Executive Principal at 朝阳凯文学校 Chaoyang Kaiwen Academy)

    徐涛 Christine Xu

    执行校长 Executive Principal at 朝阳凯文学校 Chaoyang Kaiwen Academy

    Ms. Xu has worked in international education for more than 20 years, enjoying the rich experience in the implementation of international curriculum, accreditation of international schools, integration of eastern and western curriculum, and cross-cultural leadership.

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  • Andrew Leale (外方校长 International Principal at 朝阳凯文学校 Chaoyang Kaiwen Academy)

    Andrew Leale

    外方校长 International Principal at 朝阳凯文学校 Chaoyang Kaiwen Academy

    Andrew Leale校长毕业于牛津大学,并获得政治、哲学和经济学荣誉学位的Andrew Leale先生于2019年8月加入朝阳凯文学校担任学生事务副校长。在加入朝阳凯文学校之前,Leale先生是多所著名英国学校的董事会成员,他曾帮助众多学子成功的申请到牛津大学,剑桥大学,以及其他英、美顶尖大学。
    Mr. Andrew Leale joined CKWA in August 2019 as Deputy Head (Students). He is a graduate of Oxford University, having achieved honors in Politics, Philosophy, and Economics. He has sat on the Governing Board of several prestigious British schools. He arrived at CKWA from Tonbridge School, a member of the Eton Group of leading Independent Schools in the UK, where he was a member of the Executive Leadership Team. During his time at Tonbridge, he oversaw boarding provision and was an academic Head of Department, supporting numerous successful applications to Oxford and Cambridge Universities, as well as many other leading universities in the UK and the US.

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