**** This training program will be delivered through ZOOM from Oct.13th to Oct. 22nd ****

Have you ever encountered this in your work

-- feeling unconfident when sharing your ideas during meetings?

-- unable to make yourself clear?

-- not knowing how to show your opinions?

-- struggling to write a business report?

AmCham China, Tianjin has cooperated with Berlitz to present you series of online English training programs, which will help you participate effectively in a meeting and write excellent business reports with the right words and informative details.

Training Contents:

(1) 2 online training lectures on participating effectively in a meeting


  • Confirm understanding: learn how to ask questions for repetition, clarification, understanding numbers, figures, dates, names, addresses, and unfamiliar expressions.
  • Express your opinion: learn how to give strong and neutral opinions effectively by using professional language and business expressions.
  • Agree and disagree: learn how to express agreement and disagreement effectively by using professional language
  • Give status reports: learn how to structure an updated report on the tasks you have accomplished and provide detailed information on your work progress.

(2) 2 online training lectures on excellent business reports with the right words and little details


  • Structure a business report: learn the different parts of a business report and the language corresponding to each section.
  • Link sentences logically and effectively: learn how to use different cohesive devices in order to connect and present ideas coherently and effectively by using connectors.
  • Refer to information: learn how to differentiate between opinions and facts in order to write convincing and strong ideas in your business report.

(3) 12 free webinars on business English from Oct. 18 to Dec. 20

(4) 3 months EC-Self-paced Learning, video library and Berlitz Video course 7/24 learning

Please note: The meeting link will be sent to online RSVPs on Oct.12th.



  • Juan Rivera (Corporate English Instructor/ Workshop trainer at Berlitz China)

    Juan Rivera

    Corporate English Instructor/ Workshop trainer at Berlitz China

    Juan is a language instructor with over nine years’ teaching experience in various international settings (Colombia, China and Finland). He also has over three years’ experience in recruiting, training and mentoring language instructors.

    Juan has designed and delivered corporate language training and business skills workshops to a wide range of international companies in different industries (automobile, pharmaceutics, oil and construction, IT and Finance).

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