This workshop will be conducted in English!

Do you often feel overwhelmed, worried, or emotionally drained with your work or life? Can't focus on your tasks and maintain a work-and-life balanced life? With the rapid development of society and the economy, the achievement is hard to get, and people are required to work overtime to show their values. One out of fourteen people suffers an anxiety disorder in China, so find what triggers your anxiety and fix it.

We are pleased to invite Shaochen Chang, Mental Health Counselor at Raffles Hospital Beijing to help you and your family overcome various stressful life, recognize your stress and develop a proactive response to solve it.

This workshop will cover:

  • What is stress and the types of stress?
  • Why do we experience stress?
  • How do we identify stressor?
  • How do we know while we are under stress?
  • Ways to reduce stress.
  • Stress in Corona virus time

Please note the meeting link will be sent to online RSVPs on Nov. 18th.


2:30 PM - 4 PM
4 PM - 4:15 PM
Q & A


  • Shaochen Chang (Mental Health Counselor at Raffles Hospital Beijing)

    Shaochen Chang

    Mental Health Counselor at Raffles Hospital Beijing

    Shaochen Chang holds LPCC (Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor) from California, America. He got his
    Master’s Degree in Counseling Psychology from Arizona State University in U.S. , and he is a mental health counselor with the Master of Counseling (USA).He has worked in various settings within organizations and private practices in U.S and China with wide range of experiences working with psychological struggling such as trauma and PTSD, addictions, mood disorders, stress management and interpersonal conflicts.

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