Online Training (EN) | Business English Training Sessions on Delivering Presentations

Mark your calendar for a business English training to improve presentation skills.

AmCham China, Tianjin has cooperated with Berlitz to present you a set of trainings on Delivering Presentations, which is designed to improve presentation skills and business English skills. The training sessions include 4 lectures and 1 role play class, and e-textbook will be sent to trainees one day before the training.

This training will cover all aspects of preparing and organizing a presentation as well as the final performance of a presentation. The task of presenting and the presentation itself is broken down into its component parts, explored. The training is designed to teach you to deliver a good presentation effectively in English. You will learn how to introduce yourself to the audience, set expectations, explain the purpose of your presentation, present and support your main idea, describe visual aids and interact with the audience, end the presentation strongly, and take questions from the audience. The final role-play class will help you put what you have learned into practice. For those who do presentations to customers, managers to colleagues, this course is ideal.

  • Be able to identify the specific parts of a business presentation
  • Explain the purpose of doing a presentation
  • Develop an understanding of and skill base in terms of putting together a professional presentation
  • Construct a presentation outline & full presentation using appropriate language & phrasing
  • Be able to consider & adapt one's approach
  • Understand & apply the Rule of Three
  • Handle difficult situations
  • Be able to use appropriate linking words and phrases to allow the presentation to flow
  • Be aware of and manage tone, pace and body language appropriately and professionally

Event Details:

  • Event format: online
  • Time & Date: 2:00 PM to 3:30 PM, July26 & 29, August 2 & 5; 2:00 PM to 4:00 PM, August 9
  • Language: English
  • Contact: Linda Cheng,, +86 2223185075


  • Registration is required and the event link will be provided for verified registrants to access the meeting the day before the event.
  • The training sessions will be delivered through ZOOM from July 26th to August 9th.



  • John Napier (Local Manager of Instruction at Berlitz Beijing Language Training Co., Ltd.)

    John Napier

    Local Manager of Instruction at Berlitz Beijing Language Training Co., Ltd.

    John began teaching with Berlitz in January, 2012 and was the Senior Instructor
    in Tianjin before being promoted to lead the Instructional Team as our L.M.I. He
    has worked with various corporate and consumer clients at a range of English
    levels from beginner to advanced focusing on oral and written English but with
    a particular strength in presentation & meeting skills training. Prior to working
    for Berlitz, John worked in teaching (high school), sales management with several UK
    blue chip companies, sales training and also in social work. He has undertaken
    leadership and training roles in both areas, focusing on career development and
    training for new entrants into the professions.

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