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Start the new year with Mindful Leadership!

The busy and intense pace of work coupled with the spread of the epidemic has brought about substantial changes in people's work and lives as well as in their psychological world. Today's professionals and leaders are under increasing pressure to deal with more complex work situations, to do more in less time and to focus on their work in a distracting environment.

Mindfulness is about developing a high level of self-management by turning off the autopilot and getting into the driver's seat of your life. Mindfulness also fosters the ability to be more aware of others, which is a cornerstone for leading people and leading an organization.

The course combines data-backed mindfulness and neuroscience with an emotional intelligence management model. It helps develop key emotional intelligence skills to enhance self-awareness, stress management, team collaboration and leadership effectiveness.

The content:

1. The first experience of mindfulness

2. Become a mindful leader

3. Build up your ability to concentrate- Body scan

4. Mindful listening

5. Handle Stressful Moments Mindfully- "SBNRR" Technique

6. Conscious pausing - A cup of mindful coffee

7. Review and Q&A

Learning outcomes:

1. Understanding the theory and importance of mindfulness;

2. Using mindfulness to enhance emotional intelligence;

3. Effectively relieving the stress of work and life;

4. Grasp specific ways to practice mindfulness for work and growth;

5. Become a great leader with mindfulness;

6. "Knowing + Doing" advanced experiential learning.

Event Details:

  • Event format: Online (Microsoft Teams)
  • Time & Date: 9:00 to 11:30 AM, January 12
  • Language: Chinese
  • Contact: William Li <wli@amchamchina.org>


  • Registration closes at 11:00 AM, January 11


  • Mulan Zhao

    Mulan Zhao

    Expert in organizational leadership and talent development, executive coach. Council Member of China Association of Labor Economics, Guest Lecturer of Entrepreneur Doctorate Program of Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, Distinguished Expert of American Institute of Management Accountants, Former Vice Chairman of Human Resources Forum of European Chamber of Commerce.
    Mulan has fifteen years of experience in leadership development and human capital management in global companies, state-owned enterprises and NGOs. She delivers leadership programs in English and Chinese to diverse professional groups from UN organization, Fortune 500 companies, research institutes, doctoral and MBA programs. A wide range of industries include public service, high-tech, Internet, finance, medical care, education, energy, real estate and so on.
    Mulan holds a master's degree in psychology from Peking University. She is a certified lecturer of leadership and an executive coach graduated from CTI. Translated best-selling leadership books The Empowered Manager, Leading at a Higher Level, Dual Transformation, Super Founders, The Performance Management Playbook, Get Digital Or Die Trying.

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