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Storytelling is all about sharing plots and emotions to seek dreams and gain insights. (PEDI)


The reason there is a move toward the use of storytelling is because it works. In addition to the persuasion based on logic in workplace expression, the influence of stories is getting more and more attention.

▧ Stories contribute to the brand communication and inheritance of corporate culture. Your personal story, product and service story, and management story make the corporate culture or the motivation of change from abstract to concrete.

▧ Stories can help customers put aside their precautions and focus on listening. Stories can help us build stronger relationships with our customers.

▧ Stories can make it easier for customers to remember you and your thoughts. Storytelling allows the audience to enter the scene you describe, thereby making your ideas and influence more prominent.

This course helps trainees master the key elements (PEDI: "Plot/Emotion/Dream/Insight") of a story and practical story models, as well as the key skills to make the story more colorful and impressive. PEDI storytelling aims to create your own story database to deal with different internal and external situations.

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  • Format: Offline Workshop
  • Time & Date: 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM, 30 Jun
  • Language: Chinese
  • Contact: Lisa Yuan,, 010-8519 0864

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▧ 故事有助于品牌的传播和企业文化的传承


▧ 故事可以帮助客户放下防备心理,专注于倾听。


▧ 故事能够让客户更容易记住您个人,记住您的想法




  • 课程形式: 线下工作坊
  • 时间与日期: 6月30日 早9点 —下午5点
  • 语言 : 中文
  • 如您有任何问题,请联系Lisa Yuan,, 010-8519 0864


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Course outline 课程大纲

▧Start the story journey

●What is story

●Why storytelling

●Application scenarios

▧PEDI storytelling

●Plot: What happened

●Emotion: Feeling | Affection | Empathy

●Dream: Happiness | Bright future

●Insight: Meaning | Value | Idea

▧Build a story

●Character (Who is the hero?)

●Time & location

●Tortuous plot (Challenge and plot twist)

●Emotion curve

●Ever-changing dream

●Core points

▧Speak up!

●Who helped/supported/

protected/saved you?

●What info did you get?

My "brand"

●My story

●Who are you? (Role)

●Value orientation

●Choice under pressure

●Core proposition: speak for yourself/company

▧Corporate culture story

●4 dimensions of corporate culture

●Culture and values

Behavior Check-List

●Key words of corporate cuture

●From abstract to concrete

●From material to story

PEDI of your company

▧Value Story

●Value: WIIIFM

●From trouble to happiness

●The lost beauty

●Butterfly wings and mind-blowing

▧Success Story

●"TO BE" is success

●Reproducible experience

●CARRY Model

▧Let the story shine

▧360 Expression

▧Comments and feedback







































●"TO BE"即是成功







  • 张磊 Roy Zhang (商业故事教练,国际职业培训师 at Voice Beats)

    张磊 Roy Zhang

    商业故事教练,国际职业培训师 at Voice Beats

    美国人才发展协会(ATD) 认证企业教练
    美国Persona® 【领导力TM】(Leadership) 授证导师
    美国Persona®【故事的力量TM】(Storytelling for Leaders) 授证导师
    美国Leadership Challenge TM 【领越TM领导力】认证培训师
    TEDx 演讲教练

    Author of Hello, Charming Voice©
    Author of PEDI Storytelling
    Voice Coach; TTT, Public Speaking & Leadership Trainer
    Certified International Professional Management Trainer by IPMA
    Mentor of CiiC CIPMT TTT Training Program
    Certified Corporate Coach of ATD (Association for Talent Development)
    Certified Trainer of LeadershipTM by Persona®
    Certified Trainer of Storytelling for Leaders TM by Persona®
    Certified Trainer of the Leadership ChallengeTM
    Accredited Belbin® Team Role Consultant
    Voice actor for videos of United Nations Training Courses
    TEDx Speech Coach
    Workshop Speaker at Toastmasters Shanghai Conference 2014, Wuhan Conference 2015 & Ningbo Conference 2019
    Distinguished tutors of corporate universities such as Accenture, Novartis, Total, Huawei, etc.

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