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On December 27, 2022, the <Value-added Tax Law of the People's Republic of China (Draft)> (hereinafter referred to as the "Draft Law") was submitted to the 38th meeting of the 13th National People's Congress Standing Committee for its first review. Overall speaking, the Draft Law maintains the current tax system framework and tax burden basically unchanged, aiming to upgrade the status of the previously bifurcated VAT pilot program rules and regulations into a single substantive VAT law, but a series of changes have been made, including the taxable scope, deemed sales, non-taxable and tax exemption items, input tax credit, mixed sales and concurrent operations, withholding tax obligations etc., It is important for enterprises to understand the legislative intention and important changes to the Draft Law timely, and to evaluate the potential impact that may arise, which is of great significance to carry out production and business activities, achieve tax compliance, and deal with tax risks.

Furthermore, starting from the end of 2022, taxpayers in certain regions across the country began the pilot use of fully digital electronic VAT invoices (hereinafter referred to as "e-invoice"). The e-invoice is a key technology and institutional arrangement to achieve smart taxation, which greatly helps digital taxation administration. With the rapid development of technological methods and the increasing maturity of big-data applications, China's tax collection and administration model has evolved from the past "experience-oriented taxation administration" and "tax administration through invoices" to "data-driven, segmented and precise supervision". The Golden Tax IV Project will establish a more powerful tax collection and administration system, realizing the "cloud-based" connection of all tax-related businesses, processes, and data. What impact will the rollout of the Golden Tax IV Project have on enterprises and high-net-worth individuals? How should enterprises and individuals achieve tax compliance? These are important tax matters that enterprises and individuals shall be concerned about in the era of "Smart Taxation".

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  • Event format: In person
  • Time & Date: 14:00 - 16:00 , June 29
  • Place: ST2 Eton International Tower, No.280 Changjiang Rd. Zhongshan District, Dalian City, Liaoning Province,China 46F 4604
  • Language: Chinese
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2:00 PM - 2:15 PM
2:15 PM - 3:00 PM
Highlights of the (Draft VAT law)
3:00 PM - 3:45 PM
Sharing of the Golden Tax IV Project (Smart Taxation)
3:45 PM - 4:00 PM


  • Nicole Wang (Senior Tax Manager at Vialto Partners Tax Consultation)

    Nicole Wang

    Senior Tax Manager at Vialto Partners Tax Consultation

  • Yiqi Liu (Senior Tax Manager at Vialto Partners Tax Consultation)

    Yiqi Liu

    Senior Tax Manager at Vialto Partners Tax Consultation


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ST2 Eton International Tower

ST2 Eton International Tower, No.280 Changjiang Rd. Zhongshan District, Dalian City, Liaoning Province,China 46F 4604
Dalian, Liaoning Province, China

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