Corporate governance is the core content of modern enterprise system, is the guarantee for scientific decision-making and risk prevention system, the system arrangement to ensure the company found the problem, the relationship between the measure of all the elements and influence each other, through the enterprise production elements related parties of power, responsibility and interests distribution and restriction, effectively promote enterprise internal external mechanism structure rationalization, the enhancement enterprise core competitiveness, realize the sustainable development of enterprise and long-term value creation.

With the strengthening of labor protection system and increasing attention to compliance management of enterprises, trade union, as a mass organization connecting enterprises and employees, has gradually become an indispensable and important part affecting the stable development of enterprises. Respect and support for trade unions and compliance with relevant legal systems are the basis for enterprises and employees to achieve mutual benefit and win-win results. Understanding China's labor union system can help business managers make better business decisions when faced with some major business issues involving the interests of employees.


2 PM - 3 PM
Corporate Governance and Improvement Practice
Corporate governance to improve the practice (governance objectives, structure optimization, board of directors, articles of association design), equity design and techniques
3 PM - 4 PM
Labor Union System in China
The general situation of China's trade union system, the main situation that the management should negotiate with the trade union, and the real appearance of the trade union.


  • Xinyan Liu (Partner at Beijing Dentons Law Offices LLP, Dalian)

    Xinyan Liu

    Partner at Beijing Dentons Law Offices LLP, Dalian

    Equity trader, independent director of Shenzhen Stock Exchange, expert member of Expert Committee of China National Intellectual Property Alliance, qualification of fund and securities industry. Focusing on corporate governance and risk management, he is good at equity transfer scheme design, equity transfer implementation process supervision, equity transfer dispute, corporate risk management process design, etc.

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  • Yan Cong (Partner at Beijing Dentons Law Offices LLP, Dalian)

    Yan Cong

    Partner at Beijing Dentons Law Offices LLP, Dalian

    Graduated from Japanese love luca brasi university legal science specialized and professional study of politics and law at the university of Tokyo in Japan law master's degree, has for many Chinese and foreign enterprises, foreign advisers to the Chinese law, the law firm in intellectual property, cross-border investment and trade, bankruptcy reorganization and liquidation, compliance, and other fields have a wealth of practical experience.

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