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In the modern world, our lives are fast paced and riddled with anxiety and stress. How does this eat into our happiness? What does science say about things that truly make us happy? What can we do to minimize anxiety and stress and make more room for life?

Let’s have a conversation about physical and mental health from a primary care doctor’s perspective. During the talk, Dr. Huang will not only talk about a couple landmark studies on happiness and anxiety, but also the information on non-pharmaceutical ways to treat anxiety and manage stress.


6 PM - 6:30 PM
6:30 PM - 7:30 PM
Keynote Speech
The Pursuit of Happiness: a primary care perspective on health, wellbeing and anxiety
7:30 PM - 7:45 PM


  • Xiaoxue HUANG (Family Medicine Physician at Beijing United Family Hospital)

    Xiaoxue HUANG

    Family Medicine Physician at Beijing United Family Hospital

    Dr. Huang completed her Medical Degree at the Washington University School of Medicine in Saint Louis in 2007. Later she finished her residency training and a research fellowship in General Internal Medicine at the University of Washington in Seattle. Before joining Beijing United Family Hospital, Dr. Huang worked at Group Health Cooperative and NeighborCare Health in Seattle.

    Dr. Huang’s passion is providing tailored primary care with an emphasis on preventative measures. She also specializes in the strategic and long-term management of chronic illnesses such as hypertension and diabetes.

    Dr. Huang is board certified by the American Board of Internal Medicine.

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