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Global trade is under attack and making headlines. But what about the tech disruption wave coming? What should manufacturers, biotech firms, ICT companies, governments, the workforce and citizens be thinking now about the disruptive convergence of bio-, info-, nano-, cogno- (BINC) technologies?

Session Goal:
Participants will learn about the latest BINC pilots well-underway and some practical indicator tools that may help companies, governments and individuals adapt to the possibilities and challenges of a BINC era. New green tech applications, drones & self-driving cars; “democratic IT infrastructure”; basic income/welfare engineering; new human intelligence education (vs. artificial), and emerging biotech pilots will be discussed.artificial), and emerging biotech pilots will be discussed.

Key Note Professor Steen Rasmussen
Professor Rasmussen is the director of the Center for Fundamental Living Technology at the University of Southern Denmark and the Santa Fe Institute. He also has 20 years of high-tech experience at the U.S.-based Los Alamos National Laboratory. Professor Rasmussen’s scientific expertise is in the fields of artificial life and intelligence, critical infrastructure security, and technology impact. He works with municipalities, business advisory boards, the Danish State, and the European Parliament to install stabilizing mechanism pilots to prepare for technology and societal transitions.technology and societal transitions.

After the Keynote presentation, we will have an off-the-record panel discussion joined by Professor Rasmussen, Murilo W Bonilha of United Technologies Research Center, Lou Zhou of IBM, Professor Guo from Renmin University of China School of Law, and Anthony Scriffigano of Dun & Bradstreet.

AmCham China thanks the generous sponsorship of United Technologies, PricewaterhouseCoopers China and Mintz Group.


10 AM - 10:30 AM
10:30 AM - 10:35 AM
Opening Remarks
10:35 AM - 11 AM
Key Note Presentation
Outline BINC, current tech trends and disruption
11 AM - 12 PM
12 PM - 12:15 PM
Closing Remarks and Networking


  • Steen Rasmussen (Professor at University of Southern Denmark, Center for Fundamental Living Technology)

    Steen Rasmussen

    Professor at University of Southern Denmark, Center for Fundamental Living Technology

    Professor Rasmussen is currently the Head of the Center for Fundamental Living Technology (FLinT), a Research Director at the Department for Physics and Chemistry at University of Southern Denmark, External Research Professor at the Santa Fe Institute, USA, as well as Principle Investigator for the upstart of the Initiative for Society, and Policy (ISSP) in Denmark.

    Professor Rasmussen was previously the Team Leader for the Self-Organizing Systems team at Los Alamos and a Guest Professor at University of Copenhagen (2004-5). He was heading the Los Alamos Protocell Assembly (LDRD-DR) project and the Astrobiology program (origins of life) at Los Alamos developing experimental and computational protocells and Cell-Like Entities, with USAF as a co-sponsor. Further, he is the co-director on the European Union sponsored Programmable Artificial Cell Evolution (PACE) project, and he was one of the founders of the Artificial Life movement in the late 1980s. He was the Chair of the Science and Engineering Leadership Team (SELT) for 2001-2002 in the Earth and Environmental Science (EES) Division at LANL and is currently on the Science Board for the European Center for Living Technology in Venice, Italy, which he is a co-founder of in 2004. He co-developed the Transportation Simulation System (TRANSIMS), which is now implemented by the USA Department of Transportation. He co-directed the Urban Security Initiative at LANL, developing an integrated simulation framework for urban systems as well as web-based disaster mitigation tools, which were implemented in the May 2000 Cerro Grande Wildfire where 20.000 people were evacuated. He was also part of the original Los Alamos team on Critical Infrastructure Protection, to be implemented by the US Department of Homeland Security.

    Professor Rasmussen has published 112 peer reviewed science papers (incl. Science, Nature & PNAS), given 200+ invited presentations at international meetings and seminars with 100+ the last 10 years as well as co-organized nine international and several national conferences. Many communications about his work inside and outside of the scientific establishment have appeared on television, radio, web as well as in newspapers, periodicals, and books, including cover stories at Wall Street Journal and Chicago Tribune as well as programs on National Geographic and NOVA. Since 2000 he has sponsored 13 postdocs (theorists and experimentalists) and 30 graduate and undergraduate students. He is also actively engaged in the public debate about science and society.

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  • Murilo Bonilha (General Manager at United Technologies Research Center)

    Murilo Bonilha

    General Manager at United Technologies Research Center

    Murilo Bonilha is General Manager of United Technologies Research Center (China) Ltd., a position he has held since May 2012. At UTRC China, Bonilha leads the development of expertise and execution of global and Asia-focused
    research projects in integrated buildings, thermal systems, fluid dynamics, decision and control systems, and mechanical systems. In this role, he has full
    profit and loss responsibility over UTRC operations in China and also directs university partnerships, external/government relationships, and UTC business unit interactions in Asia. Bonilha joined United Technologies in 1996 as a research engineer at UTRC and since then has held several technical leadership positions at UTRC and Carrier Corporation. In his various roles, he developed and applied technology solutions in noise and vibration to a number of UTC products, including helicopters,
    elevators, escalators, and HVAC systems. Bonilha also led the Modeling, Analysis, Simulation and Computation
    (MASC) initiative at Carrier. Prior to UTC, Bonilha held research positions at the University of Southampton
    (United Kingdom) and at Cepstrum Corporation (São Paulo, Brazil). Bonilha has published 26 peer-reviewed technical articles, primarily in the fields of structural acoustics, active noise control, and platform architecting and holds one U.S. Patent. He is a member of the Council of Tall Buildings and Urban Habitats (CTBUH) China board and sits on the industrial advisory board of the USA-China
    Clean Energy Research Center. Bonilha holds a Ph.D. in acoustics and vibration from the University of Southampton (United Kingdom). He also
    holds an M.S. degree in systems architecture and engineering from the University of Southern California (Los
    Angeles), an M.S. in mechanical engineering from Federal University of Santa Catarina (Brazil), and a B.S.
    degree in naval architecture and marine engineering from University of São Paulo (Brazil).

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  • Anthony Scriffignano Ph.D. (Chief Data Scientist at Dun & Bradstreet)

    Anthony Scriffignano Ph.D.

    Chief Data Scientist at Dun & Bradstreet

    Anthony Scriffignano has over 35 years experience in information technologies, Big-4 management consulting, and international business. Sciffignano leverages deep data expertise and global relationships to position Dun & Bradstreet with strategic customers,

    partners, and governments. A key thought leader in D&B’s worldwide efforts to discover, curate, and synthesize business information in multiple languages, geographies, and contexts, he has also held leadership positions in D&B’s Technology and Operations organizations. Dr. Scriffignano has extensive background in linguistics and advanced computer algorithms, leveraging that background as primary inventor on multiple patents and patents pending for D&B.

    Scriffignano regularly presents at various business and academic venues in the U.S., Europe, Latin America, and Asia as a keynote speaker, guest instructor, and forum panelist. Topics have included emerging trends in data and information stewardship relating to the “Big Data” explosion of data available to organizations, multilingual challenges in business identity, and strategies for change leadership in organizational settings.

    Scriffignano also confers with key customers on emerging trends in global data science. He was profiled by InformationWeek in a special coverage series “Big Data. Big Decisions” and by BizCloud regarding big data problem formulation and data privacy. He was also published in the May, 2014 edition of CIO review (“The Future Belongs to the Informed”).

    Scriffignano has also held senior positions with other multinational organizations. This experience includes extremely large ERP implementations and worldwide organizational change and technology adaptation efforts. He has advised firms in financial services, manufacturing (chemicals and pharmaceuticals) and information technologies. He maintains CPIM certification from APICS, the internationally-recognized Association for Operations Management, in production and inventory management.

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  • Rui Guo (Professor at Renmin University of China School of Law)

    Rui Guo

    Professor at Renmin University of China School of Law

    Professor Rui Guo teaches Corporate Law, Disability Rights, and Comparative Law at Renmin University of China School of Law. His research focuses on social, economic, technological, cultural and political determinants of corporate governance and developing corporate law in line with the evolving needs of society.

    His past activities and positions include advising China’s recent amendment of foreign investment law, organizing an virtual workshop among an international community of scholars, and organizing legal clinical courses for students on disability rights.

    Professor Guo’s has several publication on law and development issues, especially Chinese corporate law and corporate social responsibilities. His recent research concerns the regulation of artificial intelligence and the rise of shared economy in China.

    Professor received is LL.B at the China University of Political Science and Law and an LL.M & S.J.D. at Harvard Law School.

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  • Lou Zhou (Director, S&GP Client Services Procurement Asia Pacific of IBM)

    Lou Zhou

    Director, S&GP Client Services Procurement Asia Pacific of IBM

    Mr. Lou Zhou is the Asia Pacific director for Client Services Procurement, providing direct interlock and support to internal IBM business strategies and financial performance objectives. The Client Services Procurement team provides unique expertise in support of new customer proposals and offerings, Global Services alliances, Corporate mergers, acquisitions and divestitures, profit enhancement, and process improvement on existing business. Mr. Zhou joined IBM in 1997. His 19years tenure at IBM experienced a variety of leadership roles, including IBM US Finance and Procurement Department, Deputy Director with IBM China Research Lab, Program Director for Technical Sales in IBM Software, Director of Global Procurement Center, and the current role of Director of Asia Pacific Client Services Procurement. Mr. Zhou has published multiple articles on industry Magazines and is a frequent speaker with industry organizations such as the China Federation of Logistics & Purchasing and International Sourcing Forum. He is also the Board Chairman of MSD China for Minority Supplier Development and the proud recipient of the award “Most Dedicated Individual of year 2012”. Mr. Lou Zhou holds a bachelor's degree in physics and a MBA from the State University of New York.

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