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Talent attraction is always challenging for SMEs comparing to large companies, but talent retention and mobilization may be even more challenging due to the limited resources of SMEs. SME leaders always find their employees poached by large companies with better salary or more promising future, and the high turnover in the company increases its operation costs and business risks. A good compensation and incentive (C&I) scheme can sustain positive changes by retaining the right talents and enabling their improved performance.

AmCham China SME CEO Roundtable Series is a platform for SME leaders to share their knowledge and experience in an interactive and effective way, and establish connection and business cooperation with their counterparts. The previous roundtables focused on the best practices, insights and useful tools in SME sales management and talent recruitment. In this third roundtable, we would like to invite CEOs or founders of SMEs from all sectors to participate in this small-scale discussion on the following topics:

  • What kinds of incentives (financial or non-financial, internal or external, formal or informal) are effective or ineffective in your company?
  • How to make different C&I structures for different parts of organization (sales, marketing, operation, etc.)?
  • How to design or initiate a C&I structure that matches your corporate culture?
  • How to upgrade your current C&I structure?
  • How to measure or evaluate the effectiveness of your C&I structure?

Seats are limited for SME founders and CEOs only (approval required). Please RSVP and pay online in advance to reserve your spot. Sandwiches and soft drinks will be provided.


11:30 AM - 12 PM
12 PM - 1:30 PM
Roundtable Discussion with Lunch


AmCham Member
Standard Price RMB 50
Door Price RMB 50
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Door Price RMB 50
Employee of Member Company
Standard Price RMB 50
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