Unite, Exchange, Thrive: Jointly Elevating the "New" Tianjin

携手共进促交流,推动发展 "新 " 天津

AmCham China, Tianjin stands at the forefront of nurturing robust alliances and fruitful collaborations between member companies and the Tianjin Municipal People's Government. As we gaze towards a future characterized by collective advancement and economic prosperity, we are thrilled to unveil this year's Dialogue with Tianjin Government event on June 13, 2024, under the captivating theme "Unite, Exchange, Thrive: Jointly Elevating the 'New' Tianjin".

Celebrating the 16th year of impactful dialogue and exchange, AmCham China will present the "2024 American Business in China White Paper" to Tianjin's authorities, underscoring our shared dedication to enriching the business landscape collaboratively. This year's event will center on championing an inclusive and forward-thinking business environment that caters adeptly to the nuances of both global and local market dynamics.

AmCham China Chairman Sean Stein has confirmed to participate and engage in discussions with Tianjin authorities and deliver a keynote address at the reception dinner. The event anticipates the attendance of Vice Mayor from Tianjin and representatives from 10+ departments, adding further significance to the occasion.

There will be a series of events happening on this day including:

  • Exclusive dialogue with leaders of Tianjin Municipal People's Government
  • White Paper Delivery Meeting
  • Member achievement exhibition
  • On-site "government services" station
  • Reception dinner

The American Business in China White Paper is one of AmCham China's signature products that codify members' collective insights on China's current business climate while setting our official position on the high-priority issues that affect the American business community in China. It also serves as a year-on-year assessment of the progress made on policies and regulations affecting our members in 20 industries and is a key platform for discussion and engagement with the Chinese government.

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This year's sponsorship packages include:

  • Exclusive Platinum Sponsor: RMB50,000*
  • Golden Sponsor: RMB25,000
  • Silver Sponsor: RMB16,000 

*Limit exclusively to one company 


A series of events to help members find more opportunities in Tianjin and make the connections needed to succeed:

* Vice Mayor's attendance will be confirmed later, the invitation has been delivered.


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