Train the Trainer - From Course Development to Training Delivery

**Please note that this training will be conducted in Chinese**


With "Cost Reduction" continuing to be the focus in 2024, internal trainer development becomes more important. Through internal trainers, not only could corporates enable their team with integrated internal resource, but training cost reduction will be easily achieved with internal training capability. However, problems such as candidate selection, unstable course quality, and long trainer growth cycle have restricted the development of corporate trainer team.

This is a training series with two sessions, providing a complete methodology covering from course design to training delivery for trainers and those who are about to become trainers with systematic framework, clear logic and strong operability. Unlike most TTT courses which mainly focus on detailed training delivery soft skills, this course builds a complete and clear framework for all trainers to follow when conduct their daily work. In addition, while interpreting professional theories, the course also provides various case studies, which not only enables students to understand "what" and "why", but also demonstrates them "how to". Last but very importantly, after each session, one-on-one coaching is provided on both course design and training delivery.



Training Details

  • Event format: Online
  • Time & Date: 9 AM - 5 PM, April 19 & May 9, 2024 (2 Days)
  • Language: Chinese
  • Contact: Melody Wen,
  • Price: Early Bird Member Ticket: 4250 RMB/person ( Available until April 3, 2024); Member Ticket Individual: 4750 RMB/person; Non-member Ticket: 5750 RMB/person.

Please Note

  • Registration closes on April 18, 2024.
  • The course will be confirmed to run if we have a minimum of 6 participants.
  • The online training link will be sent to the applicant's email one day before the start of the training.

Target Audience/目标学员

Internal trainers or those who are about to become trainers.


Teaching Method/授课形式

Lectures, case studies, video demonstration, student exercises



  • To help beginners master the essentials of becoming a trainer and get started quickly
  • To help trainers with certain experience to identify their own weaknesses and improve accordingly
  • 帮助零基础学员轻松掌握成为培训师的要领,快速入门
  • 帮助已有一定培训经验的学员精准识别自己薄弱环节,查漏补缺


This training series has two sessions, after each session, one-on-one coaching is provided: within 2 weeks after TTT Session 1, collect newly developed training materials from each candidate and review the materials. After collected training materials, conduct 1 on 1 online coaching sessions for each candidate for Q&A and to provide feedback on framework, content, and format of the material. Before TTT Session 2, collect the updated training materials from each candidate. On Session 2, each participant is assigned a 10-minute teaching demonstration. The evaluation panel assesses based on the given results and provides feedback for improvement.

【Session 1: the 5 steps of course design】

o Step 1: Set training objective

− Investigate training background

− Learn about target participants

− Identify training topics

− Set training objective

o Step 2: Build training outline

− Clarify the overall structure

− Develop the roadmap of main content

− Check the source of training materials

− Build training outline

o Step 3: Fill in the content

− Use various of teaching methods

− Demonstration of common teaching methods

− Simulation design throughout the training

o Step 4: Develop training slides (PPT)

− Basic principles of PPT slides making

− 3 skills to improve slides making efficiency: Slide Master, Color template card and Shortcuts

− Introduction to other teaching formats

o Step 5: Continuous improvement

− Trial lecture and acceptance of new courses

− Continuous improvement during long-term teaching

【One on one coaching on training material (Online)】

【Session 2: the 4 elements of training delivery】

o Element 1: Preparation

− Check training material

− Learn about the participants

− Classroom layout and equipment check

− Trainer dress code

o Element 2: Opening

− Connect participants with the trainer - trainer self-introduction

− Connect participants with each other - ice breaker activities

− Connect participants with training content - expectation management

o Element 3: Controlling

− Adjust your "trainer mindset"

− Give professional presentations

− Make good impressions

− Interact with student effectively

− Dealing with difficult situations

− Q&A skills

o Element 4: Closure and follow-up

− Training closure

− Collect training feedback

− Track training results

【Course Demonstration Evaluation】



o 第一步:确立目标

− 调查培训背景

− 了解培训对象

− 确定培训主题

− 设立培训目标

o 第二步:搭建大纲

− 明确课程结构

− 建立主体部分设计思路

− 确定培训素材来源

− 制作培训大纲

o 第三步:完善内容

− 使用多样的教学方法

− 常见教学方法演示

− 贯穿始终的沉浸式设计

o 第四步:制作课件

− 培训课件PPT基本原则

− 提高课件制作效率的三个技巧:母版、色卡和快捷键

− 其他授课形式介绍

o 第五步:持续改进

− 新课试讲与验收

− 长期授课过程中的持续改善

学员课件辅导 (线上)


o 要素一:课前准备

− 检查培训包

− 了解培训对象

− 教室布置与设备调试

− 讲师着装建议

o 要素二:培训开场

− 建立学员与讲师的联系——讲师自我介绍

− 建立学员之间的联系——学员破冰

− 建立学员与课程的联系——期望管理

o 要素三:培训控场

− 调整讲师心态

− 呈现专业演讲

− 留下美好印象

− 有效学员互动

− 应对尴尬情形

− 答疑技巧

o 要素四:结尾与跟进

− 培训收尾

− 收集培训反馈

− 追踪培训成果





  • Apr 19, 2024

  • May 9, 2024

9:00 AM - 5:00 PM
Session 1


  • Nadya Liu (Founder of Linke Consulting Co., Ltd.)

    Nadya Liu

    Founder of Linke Consulting Co., Ltd.

    Graduated from the Pennsylvania State University with Master's in Industrial Engineering, Nadya has been deeply engaged in the field of Operations Excellence. She is proficient in Lean Six Sigma Methodology and experienced in process optimization and operation transformation project management. She is currently the youngest of the 20 ASQ certified Master Black Belts in China and also holds Lean Six Sigma Black Belt certification by TÜV.
    Nadya has worked in a multinational group, responsible for promoting Lean Six Sigma in Asia Pacific region. Her main tasks include six sigma organization setup, continuous improvement project delivery, training development and delivery, project coaching, etc. After that, she worked as a management consultant in a world-leading strategic consulting company helping multiple Fortune 500 clients solve problems though projects. Currently, Nadya is the founder and chief trainer of Linke consulting, focusing on providing theoretical training and practical coaching on Operations Excellence for corporate clients and individual students.
    So far, Nadya has delivered 400+ training sessions on Operations Excellence and project management soft skills, trained 4000+ students from over 39 countries, including entry level staff and mid to top management, and coached 500+ continuous improvement projects. She is spoken highly of by both corporate clients and individual students due to her solid knowledge and experience as well as the engaging training style.

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