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The 2022 amendments to the Anti-Monopoly Law, which introduces "encouraging innovation" as legislative intent, is expected to draw the law enforcement agencies' attention to the balance between competition and innovation. Standard Essential Patents (SEPs), especially those involved in disputes related to industries of ICT and intelligent connected vehicles, have become a widely discussed interdisciplinary topic of antitrust law and intellectual property. For areas related to people's livelihood, issues in the pharmaceutical sector such as pay-for-delay and exclusive licensing have always been focus of law enforcement among the major jurisdictions. In digital economy, data and algorithm have also become new antitrust law topics. In connection with the current trend of intellectual property becoming the core element of enterprise competitiveness, this training will focus on the key interdisciplinary issues of antitrust law and intellectual property and make compliance recommendations tailored to the needs of enterprises in related industries based on law enforcement and judicial practices in the jurisdictions of China, United States, and the European Union.

【Target Audience】

Legal, compliance, and government affairs staff from MNCs and import and export trading companies

【Event Details】

  • Format:Offline @ AmCham China Office
  • Time & Date:2:00 PM -- 4:00 PM April 20, registration starts at 1:45 PM
  • Language: Chinese
  • Contact: Lisa Yuan,lyuan@amchamchina.org010-85190864
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【Training Outline】

第一部分 中国反垄断法律体系中与知识产权相关的要点内容

Part I Introduction to the Chinese Anti-Monopoly Law Regime: From the Intellectual Property Perspective

1.1 滥用知识产权排除、限制竞争行为分析的基本原则

Anticompetitive Conducts of Intellectual Property Abuse: Basic Principles

1.2 相关市场界定与市场支配地位认定

Relevant Market Definition and Market Dominance Determination

1.3 安全港规则的理解与适用

Safe Harbor Rule: Explanation & Application

1.4 涉及知识产权的典型垄断行为

Typical Intellectual Property-Related Monopolistic Conducts

第二部分 标准必要专利相关反垄断问题

Part II SEP-Related Antitrust Issues

2.1 标准必要专利相关反垄断问题概述

Overview of SEP-Related Antitrust Issues

2.2 标准制定环节可能的排除、限制竞争行为

Possible Anticompetitive Conducts in Standard Setting

2.3 标准必要专利许可的公平、合理和无歧视原则

FRAND Licensing

2.4 涉及标准必要专利的专利联营

SEPs: Patent Pool

第三部分 医药领域专利相关反垄断问题

Part III Patent-Related Antitrust Issues in Pharmaceutical Industry

3.1 医药领域专利相关反垄断问题概述

Overview of Antitrust Issues in the Pharmaceutical Industry

3.2 反向支付相关问题


3.3 不质疑、不挑战专利有效性条款

No-Challenge Clause

3.4 专利独家许可相关问题

Exclusive Licensing

第四部分 数字经济领域相关反垄断问题

Part IV Antitrust Issues in Digital Economy

4.1 数字经济领域相关反垄断问题概述

Overview of Antitrust Issues in the Digital Economy

4.2 双边/多边市场界定与市场支配地位认定

Definition of Relevant Market under Bilateral/Multilateral Circumstances & Determination of Market Dominance

4.3 平台企业典型的滥用市场支配地位行为

Typical Abusive Conducts of Platform Operators

4.4 扼杀式并购相关问题

Killer Acquisition

第五部分 知识产权领域之企业反垄断合规探讨

Part V Corporate Antitrust Compliance Discussion: From the Intellectual Property Perspective

5.1 反垄断合规体系建设

Establishment of Antitrust Compliance Regime

5.2 垄断协议风险之合规建议

Compliance Recommendations: Monopoly Agreements

5.3 滥用市场支配地位风险之合规建议

Compliance Recommendations: Abuse of Market Dominance

5.4 经营者集中风险之合规建议

Compliance Recommendations: Concentration of Undertakings

【Refund Policy】

If you couldn't attend the paid training, please contact lyuan@amchamchina.org to cancel your registration. The course will not be able to refund if you couldn't inform us 2 working days before the training. Thanks for your understanding.


  • Zhaoqi CEN (Partner at Zhong Lun Law Firm Beijing Office)

    Zhaoqi CEN

    Partner at Zhong Lun Law Firm Beijing Office

    Mr. Cen’s practice focuses on antitrust/anti-unfair competition, customs and trade compliance, intellectual property, and dispute resolution. Mr. Cen has rich theoretical and practical experiences in antitrust law and has provided clients with comprehensive legal solutions and opinions with regard to antitrust investigation, litigation, concentration of undertakings, and antitrust compliance. The industries involved include internet, energy, IT, telecommunications, medicine, automobiles, etc.

    Mr. Cen has kept track of the legislative dynamics and enforcement trends of antitrust law, and has produced many academic achievements and publications including Report on Competition Law and Policy of China (co-editor, 2010-2022), The Intellectual Property and Antitrust Review: Chapter for China (2016-2022), and the ICC Compendium of Antitrust Damages Actions (member of the drafting group)

    Social Activities:
    Researcher, UIBE Competition Law Centre
    Arbitrator, China International Economic and Trade Arbitration Commission (CIETAC)
    Member, International Chamber of Commerce Task Force on Court Proceedings in Antitrust Damages Claims
    Deputy Secretary-General, Professional Committee of Competition Policy and Law of the China Society for WTO Studies (CWTO)

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