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*Please note that this training will be conducted in Chinese*

  • With Chinese labor laws quite complicated and the excessive ways to secure personal rights, how can we apply the methodology to solve individual case problems in different scenarios?
  • How can we achieve a 99% success rate of mutual agreement in the face of any employee request, just like a professional consultant?
  • How to constantly enhance logic, and communication skills, so as to mediate various stakeholders within the enterprise, easily solve employee relationship problems, and shape personal professional image?

Workshop Background

Although the articles of labor law are clearly stipulated, it is still difficult to apply them properly in the context of daily management. Meanwhile, junior HRs tend to stick to labor law for resolutions. Without actively identifying management needs or ignoring the essence of why conflicts happen, it will be difficult to come up with solutions that the top management team can accept.

Therefore, as HR managers, we should not only understand the context of labor law but also human nature. A successful individual case dealing is not about winning a lawsuit; It is about earning employees' trust and resolving conflicts through effective communication. In this Workshop, LABOURS summarized its 27 years of practical experience and methodologies to empower every HR to become a special case dealing expert as our professional consultants do.

Workshop Scheme

Three Stages of Learning:

  • Stage One——Online Learning: Through 11 audio courses systematically, comprehensively, and fully grasp the key points of labor law, and quickly understand the key articles.
  • Stage Two——Offline Workshop Learning: Through 2 days of intensive studying, construct methodology and systemic thinking through cases study, group discussion, role-playing, and immersed practice and simulation based on original voice record, understand the Five Core Competencies of Individual Case Handling through scene learning, effectively and continuously enhance case dealing capability through establishing trainees' "balanced view, global view, and stereoscopic thinking".
  • Stage Three——Practical case coaching: As the saying goes "Give a leg up and let go", we provide one practical case coaching for each trainee, consolidating the learning content and methodologies through real-scene practice and case review.

Online Training Outline

  1. How to avoid disputes over labor relations termination?
  2. The pitfalls and risks of performance management
  3. How to break down "sick leave protection"?
  4. Protection for female employees during pregnancy, maternity, and lactation
  5. Reveal the mystery of disciplinary violation termination
  6. Are you ready for organizational change?
  7. Severance, compensation, and payment in lieu of notice
  8. How to consolidate evidence collection?
  9. Critical incidents' response and management
  10. Effective use of legal documents to reduce legal risk
  11. How to conduct workplace compliance investigation?

Offline Training Outline


  • Ice break: Find out inner strength to deal with labor relation cases
  • LABOURS Triangle Methodology

Analyze the current external environment and challenges of the new era in the process of labor relations management, apply LABOURS Golden Triangle methodology to the processing of enterprise labor relations management.

Ø New labor relations management challenges brought by VUCA era

Ø Golden Triangle Methodology illustration

Ø Golden Triangle Methodology application in cases

  • Two-step approach of "adequate preparation" in difficult cases

Through various case analysis and simulation practice, learn method and key points of the Two-step Approach of handling difficult cases, and use the Five-step Communication Method to achieve effective separation talks.

Ø A Brief introduction to the Two-steps Approach of handling difficult cases: Adequate preparation and Effective communication

Ø Adequate preparation: four steps of preparation


  • Effective Communication

Through various case analysis and simulation practice, learn method and key points of The Two-step Approach of handling special individual cases, and use the Five-step Communication Method to achieve effective separation talks.

Ø Effective Communication

Difference between separate talk and normal communication

On-site communication preparation

Reviews on communication audio records

Five-step Communication Method

Communication simulation by role playing

  • Five Core Competencies of individual case resolution

Understand the Five Core Competencies of individual case dealing and define the direction of improvement in the area as HR manager

Ø Five core competencies illustration

Ability to identify people, project design, business influence, employee communication, evidence consolidation and legal document application

Ø Role positioning of HR

Workshop Schedule and Location

上海营 Shanghai Camp

Online Training: Started from 2022/10/21, unlimited time of use before 2023/4/30

Offline Training: 2022/11/4-2022/11/5 in Shanghai,  9:00-12:00, 13:30-16:30

Practical Case Coaching: 1 time before 2023/4/30 by appointment

北京营 Beijing Camp

Online Training: Started from 2022/11/25, unlimited time of use before 2023/5/31

Offline Training: 2022/12/9-2022/12/10 in Beijing. 9:00-12:00, 13:30-16:30

Practical Case Coaching: 1 time before 2023/5/31 by appointment 


  • 邵博 (合伙人 at 赉擘斯)


    合伙人 at 赉擘斯


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  • 王若玉 (教研院负责人 at 赉擘斯)


    教研院负责人 at 赉擘斯

    王若玉女士拥有北京大学法学硕士学位,近十七年人力资源管理经验。自2005年起先后在LGChemical中国、IBM中国等世界500强公司担任HR管理人员,并于2013年转战中国民营上市公司,任职于华夏幸福、Tahoe集团等公司,任人力资源高级总监,专注于员工关系领域的企业管理实践。王女士擅长以企业管理视角搭建员工关系及劳动关系制度体系、开展各类企业文化建设工作、处理各类各劳动风险及争议,且兼具战略及业务导向HRBP工作经验, 对领导力赋能、绩效管理、团队文化建设等领域有独到观察与实践。

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  • 王雯旭 (合伙人 at 赉擘斯)


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  • 邢炜烜 (合伙人 at 赉擘斯)


    合伙人 at 赉擘斯


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  • 王方 (高级人力资源顾问 领导力教练 at 赉擘斯)


    高级人力资源顾问 领导力教练 at 赉擘斯


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Member Price RMB 6,999


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