****This online training is conducted in Chinese****

Course benefits:

  • Master the tools and methods of clear designing and logical reporting framework
  • Master the methods and presentation skills of effectively processing words, data, pictures, and videos, and improve the information presentation
  • Master PPT presentation skills to present a perfect work report

Who should attend:

This training is suitable for employees who want to further improve the reporting quality from the aspects of PPT image, content logic, expression form, typesetting design, deductive presentation, etc


  • This training is held by Zoom, from 9:00-12:00,13:00-16:30
  • Links will be sent to all successful registrants one day in advance before the training
  • The E-fapiao will be issued three days after the training is finished.
  • Any question, please contact Lina at lwang@amchamchina.org

Course Outline

1.    Seven Magic:

1)    Grasp the key point, make PPT not WORD

2)    579 principle

3)    The correct use of the font

4)    The title should explain your problem

5)    Using chart but not table

6)    A summary slide that many people will ignore

7)     One minute on stage and ten years off stage

2.    How to design the slides:

1)    A visual formula

2)    Two design mindsets

3)    Three logical frameworks

4)    Four typesetting principles

5)    Five color matching tips

3.     The secrets that you don't know about PPT:

1)    Quickly change the text to  PPT outline

2)    Make a more professional year-end report with a master page

3)    Text visualization

4.     PPT image processing:

1)    How to find free commercial HD pictures

2)    One-click to make typesetting of pictures

3)    Full mask and gradient mask

4)    Boolean operation: Graph, picture, and text

5)    One button cutout for certificate photo

5.    Data visualization:

1)    Bad data? Chart selection is important!

2)    Data can be more beautiful!

3)    4 steps to make beautiful form

4)    Creative line chart, column chart, and scale chart

6.    Animation:

1)    Four kinds of object animation

2)    Crossing animation

3)    Graphic animation that pretends to remember everything

4)    Ole operations

5)    Website navigation animation

7.    Attraction for music and video:

1)    Bookmark location

2)    Music and video tailoring

3)    Music setting skills

4)    Video setting skills

8.    Efficient demonstration management:

1)    The skills of showing

2)    Slide quick switch

3)    The secret of confident speech

4)    Multiple output modes



  • Grace Yan (Eddic)

    Grace Yan


    Grace,Microsoft Certified Trainer, is also the trainer of Microsoft’s golden partner. She is certified as Microsoft Certified Office Master, Microsoft Certified Excel / PPT/ Word(Full mark in Word part) and Microsoft Certified Data Analyst Associate. As a bilingual trainer, she was the internal trainer of G10 multinational enterprise. Grace has been worked in Dell, Chevron and Pernod-Ricard. Having rich experience in office training in global 500 companies, she has helped solving office problems for clients and trainees. Until now, more than 10,000 trainees are benefited from Grace’s training. Grace, with more than 10 years’ experience of Microsoft Office Word/Excel/PPT and Power BI, can meet corporate’s training requirements, and helps students’ office skills quickly. Her professional training is designed in good logic and is delivered in a humor style and being well acclaimed by trainees. She has permanent cooperation with companies for PPT designing and designed PPT for many companies for regular report or public press conference.

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AmCham Cardholder and Employees of Member Company
Standard Price RMB 980
Standard Price RMB 1,098

Cancellation Policy

If you cannot attend a training for which you have registered, please cancel your registration no later than five business days prior to the training. If you fail to notify AmCham China of your cancellation in a timely fashion, you will be charged for training costs. To cancel you can: 1) email lwang@amchamchina.org, or 2) cancel online if you registered for the training through the website. Your cooperation in this matter supports AmCham China in maintaining the quality of its trainings and is appreciated by your fellow members and the organization.