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2021 Women's Economy Summit

The Women's Economy Summit (WES) was initiated in 2017 through the joint efforts of the American Chamber of Commerce in China and impact-driven consultancy SCHSAsia. The Summit is designed to be an energetic and bold experience packed with personal and professional development power for women. Attracting 150 attendees in its first year, growing to 300 in 2019, and reaching over 500 people globally in 2020. This year we will celebrate the 5th year anniversary of this signature event.

The annual Women's Economy Summit is the largest gathering of women leaders in the AmCham China community with a mission to raise awareness of the key role women play in global economic development. The Summit celebrates how far we have come but also acknowledges how far we still have to go with regards to ensuring women's full economic empowerment. It also addresses the important topics of gender pay, unconscious bias, women's empowerment, male advocacy, career planning and development, women's health and wellbeing, and much more.

Since last year, the world continues to be affected by a global pandemic which Deloitte revealed to be negatively disrupting the lives of 82% of women due to the burden of household chores, care-giving responsibilities, and an increased workload. While women have been worse affected, women leaders have also been more effective, as findings show that COVID-19 related outcomes were systematically improved in countries and states led by women. Responding to the ongoing crisis will not only be about rectifying existing inequalities, but about understanding what effective leadership looks like in today's world.

Our 2021 Summit will focus on: celebrating trailblazing women who were the first to achieve leadership in their companies or fields; profiling effective leadership traits that transcend gendered definitions; and identifying what actions can be taken to move forward into a more equal, sustainable, and inclusive tomorrow. The Summit will be a full-day program featuring interactive workshops, panel discussions, and keynote speeches. Best practices will be examined through a global and local lens in order to identify concrete steps that companies and individuals can take to foster effective leadership and inspire women to reach their full potential.

2021 Women Empowerment Awards in China

The Summit will be directly followed by a new initiative brought to you by the Women's Advisory Council, the Women Empowerment Awards in China. The Women's Advisory Council is an engaged and impactful network of leaders and decision makers that aims to advance gender equality through women empowerment in businesses in China. The Awards will recognize trailblazing individuals and innovative companies who have demonstrated a robust commitment to promoting women in the workforce in order to encourage greater gender equality and drive stronger business outcomes in China.

Attendees will learn:

  • Best practices through a local and global lens
  • Deeper insight and diverse perspectives from global leaders
  • Investment in yourself, your career, your business, and your future
  • Meaningful and long-lasting connections with peers and mentors
  • Personal and professional growth through engaging workshops
  • Understanding of how diversity, inclusion, and empowering women is vital to economic success

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