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*Please note that this series of trainings will be divided into 2 sessions and both be conducted in Chinese*

SESSION 1: "Internal " Communication of Government Affairs

The government affairs (GA) work of enterprises is often compared to "building a rainbow bridge of communication and cooperation between the government and enterprises". In fact, for the GA departments of multi-national companies (MNCs), the "external communication" with Chinese government agencies only accounts for half of their daily work, while the other half of GA work, the "internal communication" within the company, is the basic guarantee and core power to determine the effectiveness of "external communication" work, and the full understanding and cooperation of the enterprises' senior managements and the heads of various business departments is of great significance for promoting the smooth development of GA and giving full play to the value of GA function.

This course takes the actual needs of MNCs' GA work as the background, summarizes and analyzes various GA work structures of MNCs, as well as communication methods for coordinating and cooperating with business work under different circumstances, and on this basis, analyzes the cross-cultural communication scenarios with senior leaders of the MNCs, and describes how to grasp strategic development opportunities.

In terms of content, this course strives to combine theory with practice, aiming to help GA practitioners, relevant executives, and business department leaders to promote mutual understanding and cooperation with more accurate, efficient, and systematic internal communication, so as to further facilitate good communication and cooperation between MNCs and Chinese government agencies on business needs.

Course Outline:

1. The Significance/ Value of GA to Business Work

• Viewing GA Work from the Perspective of China's Economic Development

• Several "Common Misconceptions"

2. General Structure of GA Function in MNCs

3. GA Work Priorities Identification and Implementation Plan

• Achieve the Work Objectives Together with the Business Departments

• Internal Communication on Key GA Programs and Topics

4. Cross-cultural Upward Communication

Who Should Attend?

  • Executives of Multi-national Companies
  • GA Professionals
  • Businesspeople

SESSION 2: "External " Communication of Government Affairs

The government affairs (GA) work of enterprises is often compared to "building a rainbow bridge of communication and cooperation between the government and enterprises". This course is intended for Government Affairs (GA) practitioners of enterprises to better understand and deal with the relationship between the enterprise and Chinese government, and how to communicate with the government stakeholders and advocate the business interests of enterprise to the government more effectively on this basis. On the one hand, actively promote business development and seize policy opportunities, and on the other hand, provide support for daily operations and possible crisis management. Specifically, this course focuses on how to identify the right stakeholders, provide win-win solutions, and communicate well with the external stakeholders.

Course Outline:

1. Development Background and Changes in the Focus of Government Communication Work of Enterprises

2. Understand the Working Object of Government Communication – The Structure of the Chinese Government

3. Etiquette and Dos & Don'ts for Government Communication Activities and Visit Receiving Work of Enterprises

4. Government Communication and Advocacy Working System of Enterprises

• Identify Key Communication Targets for the Development of Enterprise Through Professional Government Affairs Work

• Understand the Changes in the Policy and Regulatory Environment, and Carry Out Corresponding Government Communication Work

• Help the Enterprise to Achieve Business Goals by Identifying "Win-Win Points"

• Key Communication Work: Policy Advocacy, Crisis Management, and Strategic Development, Etc.

This course is intended to enhance the following skillsets:

Strategic thinking: How to define and execute Government Relations & Government Affairs strategies oriented toward business goals.

Stakeholder management and communication: How to identify the right stakeholders and build win-win solutions and articulate it clearly.

Networking: How to establish useful external stakeholders' network and mobilize resources.

Who Should Attend?

• GA associates and managers of enterprises with 1 – 3 years of GA related experience that want to have a systematic improvement of their skillsets.

• People who need to have a better understanding of how to plan for advocacy activities and support business objectives systematically and strategically.


  • Brent Yuan (Partner and Senior Director of Yuan Associates)

    Brent Yuan

    Partner and Senior Director of Yuan Associates

    Brent Yuan joined Yuan Associates in January 2010 and become a partner in January 2017. As the Senior Director for Yuan Associates, Mr. Yuan is responsible for client services in across multiple sectors like manufacturing, chemical, agriculture, consumer goods, services, pharmaceuticals, and IT, etc. Mr. Yuan focuses his energy on helping international clients to promote corporate reputation and address operational challenges, specializing in government relations and external communications. Since July 2016, Mr. Yuan has been the firm’s key trainer for the Government Affairs Training Program of the American Chamber of Commerce and the European Union Chamber of Commerce in Beijing, which has received massive positive recognition after years of operation.

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Internal Communication of Government Affairs
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External Communication of Government Affairs


Two Training Sessions for Member Company
Standard Price RMB 1,980
Internal Communication Session for Member Company
Standard Price RMB 1,280
External Communication Session for Member Company
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Two Training Sessions for Non-member
Standard Price RMB 2,680
Internal Communication Session for Non-member
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External Communication Session for Non-member
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