*Please note that this training will be conducted in Chinese*

The work of government affairs (GA) is often compared to "building a rainbow bridge of communication and cooperation between the government and enterprises". In fact, for the GA departments of multi-national companies (MNCs), the "external communication" with Chinese government agencies only accounts for half of their daily work, while the other half of GA work, the "internal communication" within the company, is the basic guarantee and core power to determine the effectiveness of external work, which is equally important and difficult!

Therefore, the full understanding and cooperation of the company's senior managements and the heads of various business departments is of great strategic significance for promoting the smooth development of GA and giving full play to the value of GA function.

This course takes the actual needs of MNCs' government communication as the background, starts with introducing the value of GA to the MNCs, summarizes and analyzes various GA work structures of MNCs, as well as communication methods for coordinating and cooperating with business work under different circumstances, and on this basis, analyzes the cross-cultural communication scenarios with senior leaders of the MNCs, and describes how to grasp strategic development opportunities.

In terms of content, it strives to combine theory with practice, aiming to help GA practitioners, relevant executives, and business leaders to promote mutual understanding and cooperation with more accurate, efficient, and systematic internal communication, so as to further facilitate good communication and cooperation between MNCs and Chinese government agencies on business needs.

At the beginning of a new year, before the convening of 2023 "Two Sessions", we hope this course could provide effective reference for GA professionals to formulate work planning and internal reporting plans, and do a good job of internal communication at the new year by sharing various MNCs' GA planning methods/ cases, as well as practical experiences in specific program cooperation.

Course Outline

1. The Significance/ Value of GA to Business Work

a) Viewing GA from the Perspective of China's Economic Development

b) Five Lessons: Why Failed in Government Engagement

2. General Structure of GA Function in MNCs

3. Recommended Communication and Coordination Mechanism

a) Identify Working Priorities and Achieve the Work Objectives Together

i. Regular Communication System

ii. Facts Finding

iii. Annual Action Plan

b) Cooperation of Advocacy Program

c) Workshop of Key Topics

d) System of Crisis/ Issue Management

4. Cross-cultural Upward Communication

a) Internal Communication of MNCs

b) Comparison and Communication between Chinese and Western Cultures

Who Should Attend?

  • Executives of Multi-national Companies: Those who hope to systematically improve their management skills on government affairs by understanding the working structure and internal communication mechanism of government affairs, so as to create a better internal working system for government communication to facilitate the business development of enterprises.
  • GA Professionals: Those who hope to continuously strengthen the working skills, comprehensively improve the communication and coordination ability with senior leaders and all departments within the enterprise, and effectively realize the work needs of government affairs through active internal cooperation, so as to realize the business needs of the enterprise.
  • Business People: Those who work in the PR/ Communications/ CSR/ Legal/ Plant Operation and Management, etc. with the need/ responsibility to communicate with the government affairs department about the business situation and demand, and even directly responsible for communicating with the senior management of the enterprise on government related matters and hope to do a good job in relevant work coordination, cooperation and reporting through systematic learning.


  • Brent Yuan (Partner and Senior Director of Yuan Associates)

    Brent Yuan

    Partner and Senior Director of Yuan Associates


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